Operate Intelligently


Dude Intelligence is the only business intelligence (BI) tool that puts the collective wisdom of 9,000+ operations teams at your fingertips. By delivering actionable insight – right down to the equipment level – Dude Intelligence can help you monitor, maintain, and improve the performance of your teams, as well as compare your performance against that of your peers.

Dude Intelligence combines powerful KPIs, reporting tools, and an operations dashboard that leverages the experience and data of thousands of clients across multiple industries. The result is a unique intelligence platform that empowers you to analyze your performance, compare it against that of your top-performing peers, and get your own custom blueprint for improvement.


What’s in it for you?

Benchmarks. Analysis. Context. Perspective.

  • Showcase the impact you’re making at your institution and community
  • Justify staff, resources, customer service, responsiveness and team productivity
  • Highlight successes as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Tap into the operational best practices of your peers
  • Leverage the full power of the Dude Solutions platform, today and in the future

What’s a KPI?

Key Performance Indicators, commonly known as KPIs

Quantifiable measurements that display a detailed view of performance, KPIs are commonly used by organizations to evaluate the level of success of a particular activity or initiative. Dude Intelligence features a wide range of critical KPIs to measure your operational health, including Maintenance, Inventory, Energy, Technology, Safety, Facility Usage and many more.


Where did the data come from?

We have the largest facility and asset management database on the planet.

  • Dude Solutions serves over 9,000 clients across a broad range of industries. That’s a lot of valuable operations insight that you can leverage in the Dude Intelligence platform!
  • Our clients complete millions of work orders, incidents, inventory and facility requests annually.
  • We are tracking more than $1B of Energy spend in our software.

Ready to dive in?

Schedule a session with our success team to see your data and learn how you can start using it to your advantage.

Dude Intelligence gives Administrator and Sup 1 roles access to over 50 KPIs, trends, and comparative maps as well as Operational Dashboards designed to help you further leverage your applications data. Over time, you’ll automatically have access to the full power and breadth of the Dude Intelligence platform for greatly expanded KPIs, deeper data analysis, and broader connectivity to other applications. So you’ll be able to forecast problems before they occur and take corrective action that puts you on the path to operational greatness.

If you're not Administrator or Sup 1, please talk to your Administrator about gaining access.