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Get a kick out of this list ways you know you work at Dude Solutions.

Dude Solutions is a special place to work for many reasons, so we're pointing out a few of the funny ones that unite us all here at The Dude.  


1. Shorts and flip-flops are your go-to work attire



2. You got lost in the building a total of 10 times your first week  



3. You live and die by acronyms 


4. You feel like the Dude head follows you wherever you go 


5. Everyone assumes you're in sales 


6. You always know when someone good is at Koka Booth 



7. As far as you're concerned, The Dude has nothing to do with The Big Lebowski 



8. You have lunch meetings on the Cary Greenway 



9. Dude University is your chosen alma mater  



10. You love people, from coworkers to our clients!  


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