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How does your school compare? Check out some of the results of SchoolDude's 2017 Budget and Staffing Survey to learn more.

Our second annual Budget, Staffing and Operations Survey serves as a benchmarking document for K-12 and higher education operations professionals. Each year, we present the most relevant budgeting, staffing and operations data to our readers collected from the responses of hundreds of participants on the facilities landscape, budget and staffing, and operational Key Performance Indicators.

This year, we heard from over 500 respondents in both K-12 and higher education from 46 states in the United States and spanning 8 countries!

Some of what we uncovered might have been expected: Both K-12 and Higher Ed facilities management are dealing with an aging infrastructure coupled with more advanced technological challenges. This year, we also expanded the survey with three new categories: Energy, safety and communication.

Key findings for 2017 include:

  • Maintenance and Operations (M&O) accounts 11.7 percent of the overall school budget for both K-12 and Higher Ed
  • 79 percent of respondents stated that safety concerns have impacted budgets
  • 58 percent of respondents meet with their Board at least monthly or quarterly
  • Energy continues to be the second largest line item in the M&O budget for both K-12 and Higher Ed


If you’d like to learn more about the results of the 2017 survey, we have several resources at your disposal:

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