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What We Learned about Resident Satisfaction from Our Recent Survey

We're back with more valuable takeaways from our 2018 Senior Living Operations Survey with useful insight for operations professionals like you.


If you haven't read our first blog post, then you can learn more about preventive maintenance trends in that article. We're looking forward to sharing more results with you about how your peers in the world of senior living operations do their daily work and bring light to the impact they make. 

Today, we're focusing on resident satisfaction.  

With the survey, we set out to answer questions like: 

  • How is resident satisfaction measured in your community? 

  • How can it be improved? 

  • What is the maintenance department's role in resident satisfaction? 

We wanted to get the full picture of what makes a difference to residents and how technology is helping operations professionals make a difference in the services they deliver. Here's what we learned.


Measuring resident satisfaction from surveys to committees 

When we asked about how resident satisfaction scores and thoughts are measured, we got a range of answers, but one emerged as most popular: annual surveys. Seventy-two percent of respondents selected annual surveys as how they measure resident satisfaction, with 53% selecting resident committee feedback. 



Although popular, annual surveys are just one way to measure this. Other ways that respondents used included: 

  • Quarterly surveys 

  • Phone calls from residents 

  • Resident meetings 

  • Resident concern forms 

  • Work order surveys 


When asked about maintenance's impact on resident service, here were some of the responses: 


"The maintenance team knows that their job directly impacts the resident." 

"Critical role in ensuring resident safety and quiet enjoyment." 

"Resident work orders are our first priority." 


Ongoing training for resident satisfaction 

So, how do staff members stay current on serving residents and managers ensure their team (and new staff) has the proper training to carry out their community's high level of service? 


From our survey, 80% said they have trained their staff on resident service. This was mainly done through ongoing training, which ranged from orientation to online training courses to in-services.  

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