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2019 Senior Living Operations Report: Staffing & The Facilities Team

Dude Solutions
  • Oct 16, 2019
  • 3 minute read

We recently conducted a survey of hundreds of senior living operations leaders and executives to get their feedback on the top trends in the industry. 

Check out how the survey was conducted and then read on for more results in specific areas of concern. 


Staffing & Turnover 

Several trends emerged related to staffing.  

The top concerns were ranked as: 

  • Workforce shortage 

  • Compliance 

  • Resident service 

Staff turnover was also a concern that affects other areas like staff efficiency, resident satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and cost, in order of rank.  

As one respondent explained, “There is no one in the building that is untouched by any level of turnover. Every other department that an understaffed department interacts with is impacted. Retaining good staff is the single greatest challenge we face every single day.”  

Another interesting finding was related to interdepartmental coordination.  

  • 98% of respondents believed it was important that departments coordinate well with one another. 

  • However only 32% reported that their departments actually did so extremely well.  

What might explain the gap?  

One executive explained, “With today’s staffing challenges, people sometimes have to do their job plus some or a lot of someone else’s on a given shift, leaving them little to no time to think about other departments. Turnover is often the cause for overwork and missed communication.”  

Another respondent observed, “Too many communities are still very siloed, instead of working as cross-departmental teams. It’s a question of culture and much depends on where you are in the quality journey and breaking down the silos.”   


The Facilities Team & Operations 

Respondents seemed to agree that the facilities team has a major impact on the organization.  Top areas of impact included resident satisfaction and compliance. 

The team’s impact on revenue ranked the lowest, which was surprising to several executives who commented on the finding.  

“The facilities team impacts ALL areas. While there may not be a direct impact on NEW revenue, it’s all a part of customer satisfaction. A resident very satisfied with the AC repair on a hot day is going to share that with their friends. And resident referrals are our top source of new move-ins,” said one COO.  

A full two-thirds of respondents are doing some level of facilities-related performance benchmarking.


The most common areas to benchmark are:  

  • Staffing 

  • Response time 

  • Maintenance costs  

“We’re not as far along as I’d like to be with this, but we’ve got a technology tool to get us there. We want to benchmark turnover, overtime, and preventative maintenance,” said one COO.  

Another respondent shared, “With multiple communities, we’re benchmarking them against one other. How long does it take to do a work order? How much time is staff spending on different tasks? Are we matching work with staff skill sets?” 


To see more results and insights, download your copy of the complete 2019 Senior Living Operations Report. Then, learn how TheWorxHub helps senior living providers master capital planning and manage risk, by requesting a free consult.

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