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When your IT team has had a busy day/week/month/year, putting a conscious focus on customer engagement quickly gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Done right, however, customer engagement can be highly beneficial to you and go a long way in improving operations for your team and your organization as a whole. 

In this blog series, we'll be looking at three transformational outcomes of increased engagement with your customers and team that might make you rethink where this falls on your list.  

Outcome 1: More Effective Prioritization 

How exactly can customer engagement help your IT Team prioritize more effectively?  

For starters, you'll have a clearer sense of what they actually need from you.  

When you're engaged with your customers, you're better able to understand what they're responsible for and working toward. Having that knowledge allows you to hone your focus and help them move the needle in a way they'll appreciate. A bonus for you is that you can stop spending time and energy on things that aren't important to your customers or do not impact your organization on a larger scale – and hopefully can wrap up work more quickly.  

That will help you to properly prioritize competing projects and daily responsibilities based on urgency and impact, instead of the "squeaky wheel" 

As you've likely experienced, the loudest or most frequent IT requests aren't always necessarily the most vital. The more closely you work alongside your customers, the better you'll know what takes precedent. 

Because you'll always be busy, so why not make the work count? 

You'll never not have a steady stream of projects flowing, but you can at least make your effort more measurably meaningful when you have a read on your customers' true needs. Once you know what challenges your organization regularly faces, you can better prioritize your team's responsibilities by asking yourself:


  • Is this challenge affecting the few or the many? Avoid constantly oiling the one or two squeaky wheels and focus on the wider-net issues.  

  • What prioritization most follows ITIL best practices around urgency and impact? 


The value in engaging your customers is there, and the data your team can get from Dude Solutions' technology software can help you prioritize projects based on urgency and impact, while making sure you're communicating with your customers the whole way. 

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