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If you've been following our blog series, you know we've been unpacking the value of customer engagement. Our first outcome of proper customer engagement was being able to prioritize work more effectively, our second was improving collaboration and communication within your organization, and now we're queued up for outcome three.  

Drum roll...

Outcome 3: More Meaningful Interactions 

Open and consistent communication not only helps you develop more meaningful work, it also helps you develop more meaningful relationships, which can go a lot further than you may think. Consider these ways making your interactions more meaningful within your organization can have big payoffs: 

You can inspire your team to do better work 

This isn't so much about the work, though that's an important benefit. It's more about how your team feels about the work they do. When you and your team are more engaged with others in your organization, you can have one-on-ones that are more specific, more substantial and overall more productive. You're better able to problem-solve together, and we all know two heads are better than one. At the least, your team will feel more heard and grounded in their responsibilities. At the most, you can help inspire them to do the best work of their lives. 

You can have more impactful meetings with leadership 

If you often feel like it's hard for your IT team to get a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making, improving your customer engagement can definitely help. Leadership members understandably respond to data. When you've got this data collected on your customers, you can have more transparent and valuable conversations with your organization's leadership team that drive business decisions and ultimately impact the success of your department.  

You can show your story versus simply telling it 

Centralizing all of your data into an intelligent, integrated platform gives you a way to actually point to your story instead of just talking about it. Linking tickets to assets helps you prioritize projects, while automation allows you to buy back time and communicate in real time with your customers.  


Curious about how Dude Solutions' technology platform can help you drive customer engagement and achieve these three valuable outcomes? Learn more about our solutions and what they can do for your team. 

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