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Did you know that your facilities' condition can have a huge impact on your club's membership? Here are three ways that your maintenance may be impacting your members — and your bottom line.

It’s the perfect day for a wedding. The sun is shining and warm, the golf course is perfectly groomed, and the happy couple are getting ready to celebrate the occasion in the club house. Your kitchen staff has prepared delicious appetizers and a main course that rivals a five star restaurant. There’s just one problem: The air conditioning is out. Make that two problems: The new bride is the owner’s daughter.

This is just one example of how poor maintenance habits can ruin an experience at your club. Between assets being down during special events or members catching problems before your team sees them, there’s a direct relationship between member experience and your facilities. Here are the top three ways your maintenance can negatively impact membership.

1. Special Events

As mentioned in our first example, assets need to be up and running at all times, and it’s especially crucial to get it right when there’s special events. Whether your club is the popular choice for local weddings or your golf course hosts tournaments, word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools that members can use for you – or against you. All it takes is one mistake during an event before your club gets a reputation for not being prepared or incapable of being the host.

2. Member Experience

Your members come to your club as an escape from their daily lives, a place to unwind after all the work from the week and reconnect with friends and family. What they want is to relax, and therefore they can (and will) notice anything that needs fixing. The last thing you want is to have a member submit a work order request for something that could easily have been caught by your team, or to go directly to your general manager with a complaint. This not only makes maintenance look bad, but it makes the club look like it doesn’t care enough about its members to be proactive.

3. Member Satisfaction

Related to member experience, member satisfaction can take a hit if member start to feel like there’s not enough care being put into the facilities. They’re paying to have a positive experience, and when it comes time to renew, they may have second thoughts if they feel like facilities aren’t up to their standards.

What’s the Solution?

At the end of the day, facilities can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Something as simple as installing new light bulbs before they burn out can make a positive impact. The best way to fix something that’s broken is to prevent it from becoming broken at all – or, at least, catching it before any member notices. We suggest a proactive approach to your maintenance routine that includes both team member input, such as daily walk-throughs and inspections, and facility data.

One of the best ways to ensure that your team is on top of facility upkeep is with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). With the right solution, you can:

  • Cut the cost of reactive maintenance with preventive maintenance (PM) schedules
  • Keep track of historical maintenance data, i.e. work orders, requests and parts used
  • Use historical info to make decisions on repair vs. replacement of assets
  • Schedule routine maintenance to more accurately project for budgets
  • Prove the worth of your team and justify new hires
  • Ensure that team members know what tasks they have to complete and their level of importance
  • Make sure that any issues are quickly addressed – even after hours

To learn more about how to proactively maintain your facilities, check out our guide, 5 Steps to Avoid Running Facilities to Failure!

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