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Are you doing all you can to make sustainable, energy-efficient choices for the facilities you manage? There may be a few ideas you've overlooked. Learn more with these quick tips!

When you manage a facility or oversee a sustainability program, there's not a lot you don't already know about energy conservation. Cutting off lights and appliances not in use is day-one stuff for you. However, in any role, it's easy to get complacent. Even seasoned pros can often overlook opportunities for better energy efficiency when they're going about their day-to-day routine.

With that in mind, it's a new year full of new opportunities to tighten up and make 2018 your most energy (and budget) friendly year yet. To start, here are five tips to help you find ways to save.

Rethink your HVAC system

Particularly if you over see a large facility or multiple buildings, it's no secret that your HVAC system is one of the biggest energy users you manage. Is there a more energy-efficient temperature you could set yours to? Changing the temperature set point by even just a couple degrees can save hundreds and really won't be that noticeable by others in the building. You also may want to consider an HVAC schedule to better optimize your system's performance, letting it take a rest at times of the day, week, year, etc. that cranked-up performance isn't necessary.

Retrocommission your facilities

This could uncover major energy vampires within your facilities and let you know where your biggest expenditures are. Not keen on the investment? Remember that it's just that: an investment. Retrocommission efforts usually pay for themselves within a year.

Purchase your own transformer

Does your facility use a considerable amount of power? If your usage is high, it may be wise to purchase your own transformer thanks to deregulation of the power industry. By going directly to your power provider, you have the opportunity to cut your kW rate by a few cents and help offset increases.

Cut loose low-performing equipment

Outdated, run-down equipment is no doubt draining your buildings' energy. By investing in modern, energy-efficient equipment, you'll not only get better performance, but this new level of efficiency will cut down on the dollars you were previously hemorrhaging.

Look for water leaks

Even small leaks around your facilities can cost thousands a year in utility costs, and if you manage several facilities, think of all the budget dollars going down the drain. Be sure to check all of your faucets, toilets, hot water systems, water fountains, irrigation systems and even hydrants for any leakage.

Even small savings are savings, so rally your team early this year to find ways to conserve more and make 2018 your most energy-efficient year to date!

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