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5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Coronavirus Maintenance Work

Grace Flack
  • May 19, 2020
  • 4 minute read

What type of guidance are you giving your maintenance team around work related to the coronavirus pandemic? 

While it may be difficult to know what’s coming next, there are some tools you can harness in your maintenance or work order software to help streamline. From working smarter on mobile to organizing processes to getting clear on documentation, these are simple steps you can take to align your team around more efficient ways to work. 

Let’s dive in to these five ways you can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your daily maintenance work during the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak – all harnessing the power of your CMMS (computerized maintenance management system). 

Get some additional advice from operations professionals on the front lines of COVID-19. 

1. Track and tag all work orders 

Now is the time to get clear on the work you’re doing around COVID-19 and make sure that’s documented in your maintenance management system. There are simple ways to categorize work and costs to get specific on their purpose around pandemic work. 


  • Tag COVID-19-related work in your CMMS or work order software – Create a specific tag or custom work order category for COVID-19 in your CMMS so that can be easily applied to related work orders

This will help you better track, document and report on your maintenance work during COVID-19 – so you can get the resources you need for the long-term.  

2. Mobilize to improve remote work capabilities 

Your work is increasingly becoming more mobile and accessible – and teams that haven’t adjusted from paper processes are at risk of being left behind.  


Efficiency is the name of the game, so now is the time to go as cloud and mobile as you can with remote work.

There are plenty of options for improved accessibility in your maintenance or work order system, so work with your vendor to gain more flexibility for your team. 


  • Mobilize your CMMS – Make sure your CMMS is cloud-based and mobile, so your team can work at computers in the office, at their work sites or remotely at home. Explore whether it’s better for your team to use their own smartphones or for you to invest in company smartphones or tablets. 

Now is the time to use the tools already at your fingertips to help you do your work faster and smarter. 

3. Digitize compliance documentation 

Whether compliance was a consideration in your daily work before the pandemic or not, it will likely be in the future. From changing regulations to tighter restrictions around cleaning and disinfecting, you need a digital home to keep your team on track around all things compliance. 

What’s important is knowing what regulations affect maintenance at your organization and being able to show that you are working in a compliant way. Documentation is key! 


  • Add safety protocols in your CMMS – This can be a quick win when your staff has compliance and safety protocols right in the system where they’re documenting and doing work. Use safety notes, cleaning checklists or upload digital protocol documents that can be attached to specific assets or work orders. 

Explore how you can keep compliance regulations close to your maintenance team as they’re completing work orders for compliance and consistency. 

4. Optimize your janitorial processes 

Your janitorial processes are a place where you can really get clear to promote safety and alignment. 

After all, this team is critical today and in the future at promoting health in your facilities. That’s why they need to be sure on the expected processes for doing their daily work. 


  • Set up workflows in your CMMS – From grouping work categories to setting up custom fields around janitorial workflow, you can streamline this team’s work right in your maintenance software. And your janitorial staff can feel empowered to track their work and details in the system, too. You can even add specific cleaning protocols to work orders. 

Empower your janitorial and cleaning team with the tools they need to work efficiently and clean effectively during the pandemic and after it passes. 

5. Deal with deferred maintenance 

Deferred maintenance may not be something you want to consider right now, but it can really help to make a prioritized plan for what you can tackle when. 

This will help you feel better about what projects your team can focus on when, as well as communicate that to management. 


  • Prioritize your deferred maintenance – Make a list of projects on your maintenance backlog and prioritize for the biggest impact. Use labels in your CMMS to organize projects from high to low priority, so you can see the full picture. 

Your deferred maintenance list doesn’t have to weigh heavily on your mind when you have a plan of what you can realistically knock off the list to make a difference. 

Watch this video clip on how to chip away at deferred maintenance 

Utilize essential parts of your maintenance management software to make your team’s work easier, faster and more beneficial to those you serve.  

By gaining efficiencies in these areas, you’ll see payback for months to come, in your maintenance processes, team productivity and level of service. 

Learn more about optimizing all part of your operations in our new guide, 10 Tips to Manage COVID-19 Today & for the Future

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