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Think you can't handle the switch to automated technology, or don't think your department needs it? Learn exactly why you can, and should, implement a CMMS in 2018 to improve your operations.


2018: a fresh new year full of possibilities. This is a time when many contemplate what has and hasn't worked in the past and consider where they want to go in the year ahead. If your new-year reflections have you feeling like your department's operations could use some improvement, bringing your technology usage up to date could be just the thing that makes 2018 the beginning of something great for you and your team.

Enlisting smart, user-friendly software as an ally to your operations can mean huge changes, but not the painful ones you may be expecting. Many department managers put off introducing new technology to their team because they think it will be complicated and time-consuming, and they're intimidated to give it a try due to fear of failure or the unknown. However, if you've been resisting relying more on technology to get the job done, here are six key reasons why you should put your fears aside and consider a new way to work in 2018.

A good CMMS will come with all the training you need.

When you purchase a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), you'll be provided an implementation team. It's this support team's job to make sure you have everything you need, get setup properly according to your unique requirements and clear up all your questions. They'll stick by you while you get your program up and running and will be there for you if you have any questions or issues down the road.

Have a smart phone? Then you already know a lot.

You don't have to have any specialized skill or educational background in technology to successfully operate a CMMS. In fact, you likely use a lot of the features and capabilities of smart software every day already. If you know how to operate a smart phone, you should be just fine working within a CMMS.

If you're still relying on paper, it's time to move on.

Is your department still using mostly paper work orders and printing its procedures and manuals? If so, you're definitely in need of an upgrade. Don't let the fear of technology stop you and your team from working more efficiently in the future. Handling work orders manually and storing important department protocols in binders kept in drawers and on shelves is no way to work in 2018 (it hasn't been for a while). If fire, theft or a general lack of organization could swiftly cause your department to tailspin at the loss of important information, then run — don’t walk — to the nearest automated software.

You're up to your neck in reactive work.

This is reason enough to upgrade to an automated work order and/or inventory management system. No department can properly function if it's in constant catch-up mode. Being stuck in a reactive rut comes with big costs, mostly the waste of time, money and stress. If your team is weighed down, bled-dry and regularly fighting off another headache, worrying you can't handle a computerized system is no reason to not get the help you need.

You're missing out on valuable data.

Data is a word that's getting a lot of attention right now, and for good reason. When it comes to your operations, having the right data can be the difference in receiving more budget dollars, getting a preventive maintenance program off the ground, hiring new employees, etc. Having the facts and figures of your department at your fingertips means you can make evidence-based decisions that help your team spend its time and money more efficiently. A computerized system tracks and stores the data you need all in one, well-organized place.

It's really not as complicated as you may think.

Honestly, it's not. Technology can sometimes get a bad rap, especially in the workplace, but a quality software system is made to be user-friendly. Otherwise, it wouldn't get used. Most people today are exposed to the types of dashboards and capabilities utilized by a CMMS simply by going through their day-to-day, so it's likely working within a computerized platform wouldn't be as foreign to you as you may fear. Plus, when you see all the benefits of using a CMMS, there's a good chance you'll agree it was worth taking a small amount of time to learn.

Think 2018 may be the year your department enlists an automated system to make your operations easier and more efficient? Get a free, no-obligation demo to see just how a CMMS could help you and your team.

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