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6 Video Tips for Operational Efficiency During COVID-19

Grace Flack
  • Apr 09, 2020
  • 4 minute read

Watch these short clips for inspiration

In the past few weeks, we’ve all experienced a wealth of change. Your work and day-to-day operations have changed, who is in your facilities has changed and likely even your life has changed in some ways. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic growing and changing the way we operate across different industries, it has likely redefined what your normal workday looks like for the time being.  

The important thing during a time like this is to find focus and efficiency in the work you do, whether that is in your facilities or at home – and whether you’re working on projects you’re used to or tackling new ones. 

We recently did a webinar on the 6 Ways to Streamline During COVID-19, and we want to share some of the key takeaways and clips from the discussion to help you find focus during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Tips for Efficiency for Busy Organizations 

In this section, we focus in on those organizations that would say they have been extra busy and overloaded with work during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

These organizations should focus on being lean and efficient by:  

  • Optimizing work order management, even getting work done with a reduced or only essential staff 

  • Prioritizing work by balancing preventive (PM) and corrective maintenance tasks 

  • Making sure you have the parts and inventory that you need 

  • Focusing on improving your communication and documentation (especially around COVID-19-related work) 


Tackle Maintenance & Asset Management with Any Extra Time 

For those organizations that may have more time on their hands, there are a few ways you can maximize your productivity. 

These organizations should focus on maximizing their time by: 

  • Doing building checks, deep cleaning, disinfection and related tasks 

  • Suspending standard PM tasks if not appropriate (for assets and facilities not in use) 

  • Operating “business as usual” where you can by continuing normal services for citizens by doing them online (think permitting and inspections) 

  • Completing an internal assessment to better understanding asset effectiveness and future facilities needs with capital planning and budgeting 

  • Chipping away at deferred maintenance and your work or project backlog (see next section for more detail) 


Chip Away at Deferred Maintenance 

Now may be a great time for your team to tackle your maintenance backlog and knock off projects that you haven’t had time to complete in the past. 

You can focus on chipping away at deferred maintenance by: 

  • Looking through your deferred maintenance list (or creating one if you haven’t already) 

  • Making sure the tasks are assigned to the right team members 

  • Organizing your tasks based on the priority and asset criticality  


Embrace Working from Anywhere with Mobile & Cloud Tools

Many states have issued shelter in place orders and some of us may be working remotely as a result. That makes it a great time to get clear on your processes and possibilities with working remotely.

Cloud-based software can really help your team transition to working from anywhere and using mobile tools to improve communication and accessibility.


You can focus on these areas for better remote work practices: 

  • Using technology built on the cloud with full browser use from anywhere 

  • Supporting social distancing by avoiding shared computers 

  • Having online and offline abilities with your mobile tools 

  • Taking advantage of software solutions, training resources, communication tools and more from your vendors 


Be Ready to Report on COVID-19 Maintenance & Operations 

There will be a time when it’s critical that you have detailed reporting on your operations work during COVID-19 – and that will be an outcome of the documentation your team does today. 

Here’s the type of reporting you will need to have: 

  • Day-to-day operational tracking  

  • Tracking of on- and off-site staff 

  • Organizations spending and budget tracking 

  • Reporting on specific (tagged) COVID-19 tasks 


Prepare for the “Thaw” After the Pandemic 

What will you do differently after the pandemic? What will your operations look like post-COVID-19? How you handle COVID-19 today will echo when the wave has passed, so you should give some thought to your future plans. 

Here are some questions you should be able to answer: 

  • If you had more time on your hands, how did you stay busy? 

  • If you were busy and overloaded, can you show what you did? 

  • Did you chip away at your deferred maintenance? 

  • Did you spend time improving your use of technology, like your CMMS or other software systems? 

  • Can you show how COVID-19 impacted your team, expenses and budget? 

  • Are you as ready as you can be for the next curveball? 

Those are six areas where you can take a look at how you’re operating during the COVID-19 pandemic to find ways to improve and streamline to make your facilities and communities safer in the long run.  

Thank you for the important work you do, and remember, The Dude is beside you during this time. 


Hear the full list of tips from our recent webinar, 6 Ways to Streamline Your Operations During COVID-19, and let us know how we can help you and your organization.

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