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7 Benefits of Using a Single Operations Software Vendor

Dude Solutions
  • Jan 18, 2021
  • 3 minutes

Managing and running your operations in the most effective way requires managing many types of tasks, requests and data. As your organization turned to digital technology to automate tasks and collect data, you likely started using different solutions for various needs across your company. Or maybe you’re just now looking to move operations online and are considering using multiple vendors to support your operations management.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and across industries implement software. In doing so, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of using a single vendor. While it’s possible to use separate products — and often even integrate the solutions together — multiple vendors typically results in lower productivity and fewer business benefits.

Here are seven ways that using a single vendor benefits your business:

  1. Shorter learning curve – Each vendor’s software looks and functions differently, and every time your employees have to learn a new program, you have to devote time to training them on it. During that training period, they actually spend extra time on the tasks and get less done. Even once they get up to speed, they are likely to lose productivity due to all the moving between different user interfaces and menus. When you use a single vendor, you eliminate the need for time-sucking training sessions and switching back and forth between products. Even better, employees know exactly how to perform their tasks and don’t have to waste time looking up answers or using the trial-and-error method.
  2. More streamlined processes – Each new software program means another step in the process for your employees. And because the tools are not designed to work together, they may not create the most efficient or easy-to-follow processes. When you use a single vendor with a complete suite of tools to manage your facility, the workflow has already been designed to create the most straightforward processes. And even though a vendor might promise that their product integrates well with others, it’s rarely as easy as they claim. With a single vendor, your employees get more done — and you can more easily take advantages of the data insights.

Instead of piecemealing it with several companies, you have this one resource to go to, and it works. 

- Ryan Ferguson, Glenaire Retirement Community

  1. Faster procurement time – Going through the process of procuring products with multiple vendors means more steps and hoops to jump through. Each new vendor means a new relationship. You have to learn about the products, negotiate the prices and set up the vendors in your internal systems for payment. You likely also need your IT department’s approval to add new systems, which can be a cumbersome process. With a known vendor, you simply meet with your sales representative — who already understands your business and challenges. And because your IT department already approved the systems, you can just add the new products to your account.
  2. Quicker deployment – In addition to the buying process taking longer, you are looking at more time to get each system up and running. With each new vendor, you start from scratch. But when you purchase a new product from a vendor, you already have an established relationship with, they simply add the product to your account and your employees can access the products. You also often get new releases and features quicker than you would with multiple vendors. The quicker your employees start using each product, the more money and time your organization saves.
  3. Less administration time – Even after procurement, managing a vendor relationship takes time — invoices, licenses, support. Every vendor you add means more time and complexity. By sticking with one vendor, you significantly reduce the amount of admin time required. And you also reduce the likelihood of billing issues and other roadblocks that keep your employees from focusing on running the facility.
  4. Lower costs – When you purchase a single product, you typically pay the highest possible price. Multiply that fact by several vendors, and these costs add up to a lot of money. When you use a single vendor, you see savings as you add additional products, which can mean significant efficiencies over the years.
  5. Stronger partnership – With so many different types of tools on the market, it’s challenging to know what products your organization can benefit from. You may currently be missing out on many opportunities to improve productivity and increase revenue simply because you’re not aware of the products that are available. Once a vendor knows your business challenges and goals, they can proactively recommend new products that you may not have discovered on your own.
Dude Solutions has been my number-one rated outsourced vendor that I’ve worked with in my career. The level of support is unparalleled in the industry.

- Christopher Ryan, YMCA of Delaware

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