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If you hadn’t heard, 2019 is the Year of The Dude. It’s our company’s 20th birthday, celebrating two decades of learning and growing while on a mission to become the best partner we can be for our clients.  

It’s a time of reflection for us. Twenty years really makes you stop and look around at all you’ve accomplished. It’s also making us look at what our clients have accomplished and be grateful for however we’ve helped contribute to their organizations finding a better way to work.  

As part of our Year of The Dude celebration, we’re shining a light on some of our clients who share that same spirit of following a passion, trying and trying again, and doing what it takes to find a better work for their team and those they serve.  

One of those clients is Kenton County School District of Fort Wright, Kentucky.  

In 2005 their building inventory was in bad shape, but they did have a funding opportunity that would allow them to turn things around. Partnering with an architect who was passionate about energy conservation, they renovated or replaced aging buildings with sustainability in mind. They then hired an Energy Systems Coordinator to create and oversee an energy program, which led them to finding software that would help them efficiently carry out that program and see results.  

With that, they were able to get building managers involved, and over time, created shutdown checklists and procedures to promote conservation at each facility. Each school began to get involved, and they were able to do deep dives into the data they were acquiring on their usage and spending. Having the numbers in front of them also helped them to see where they had been improperly billed and were owed refunds. 




As of 2017, Kenton County’s energy highlights include: 

  • Reducing district-wide source energy usage by four percent since 2016 

  • Avoiding more than $1.4 million in energy costs through energy management and reduction 

  • Raising the average ENERGY STAR™ score across entire portfolio of benchmarked buildings to 91, a two-point increase over 2016  

  • Completing a $5 million project through an Energy Savings Performance Contract, including upgrading 90 percent of all school interior lighting to LEDs, replacing one school heating and cooling system, and replacing two school roofs 

  • Engaging community in energy savings by publicly posting ENERGY STAR™ scores on district website and in schools, distributing weekly interval data reports to building managers, and providing a monthly energy report to the Board of Education 

They’re also highly awarded when it comes to energy. In addition to being named ENERGY STAR®’s Partner of the Year for the sixth time, they’ve also received: 

  • 2008 Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission, Earth Day Award 

  • 2010 Energy & Environment Cabinet, Energy Leadership Award 

  • 2008 NEED Youth Awards, District of the Year National Level 

  • 2009, 2011 NEED Youth Awards, District of the Year State Level 

  • 2008 NEED Youth Awards, Caywood - KY Elementary School of the Year 

  • 2009 NEED Youth Awards, Piner - KY Elementary Rookie School of the Year 

  • 2009, 2011 NEED Youth Awards, Caywood - National Elementary School of the Year – Finalist 

  • 2009, 2011 & 2012 NEED Youth Awards, Caywood - KY Elementary School of the Year 

  • 2010 NEED Youth Awards, Summit View Elementary – National and KY Elementary Rookie School of the Year 

We admire the tenacity and dedication of Kenton County and all operations leaders who work to make their organization a better place. It’s an honor for us at Dude Solutions to get to watch our clients’ accomplishments, and we hope to continue finding new ways to help them in their efforts however we can. 

Read Kenton County School District’s full client success story.  

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