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Have you heard that it’s our 20th birthday at Dude Solutions?

Not only is this a reason to eat some sweets and dig up old photos, but also to celebrate the accomplishments of our amazing clients. 

In a group of 12,000+ folks, they have made a pretty incredible impact to keep facilities, communities and cities running well. 

Take Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. They’re the island’s largest healthcare provider, with a 25-bed critical access care hospital and 170,000 sq. ft. that they manage. 


That’s no small feat when you’re providing care to so many. After all, their community size goes up from 17,000 to 100,000 residents in the summer. That's why their care is critical to their community and operations has a big part to play in their mission.  

The mission of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is to safeguard the health of Martha’s Vineyard residents (year-round, seasonal and visitors) by providing or arranging for the provision of high-quality, accessible medical care. This care will be provided to all, regardless of their ability to pay, in an atmosphere that fosters respect and compassion. 

In an effort to see that mission lived out in today’s healthcare environment, technology has a big part to play. And after they switched to Dude Solutions’ software to manage maintenance tasks, work orders and preventive maintenance, they’ve seen many benefits in the care they can deliver. 

“We’ve seen a huge increase to the services we’re able to provide to our community through a safer, more streamlined operation,” says Braden Witt, Lead Mechanic. 

That means they can better communicate between departments, give patients a healthy environment to heal in and prioritize safety. 

More benefits include: 

  • More than half of their employee base are registered work requesters and can submit work orders when needed 

  • Work completion times have gone from months down to 3-5 days on average 

  • Their monthly preventive maintenance tasks have increased by 1400% 

  • They are reaching new energy-saving goals with a way to track conservation programs 

  • Several departments get automatic work reports to be in the know about what is being fixed 

Overall, it’s worth celebrating how technology helps the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital staff do their job more fully and efficiently. 

“TheWorxHub gives us the tools to be customer-service focused without compromising our facility focus. It’s given us a better way to communicate with requesters, department managers, stakeholders, etc.,” Braden says. 

Hear more from Braden about what they’re accomplishing in this video. 

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