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What comes to mind when you think of the term AI, or artificial intelligence. 

Does it spark fear? Or bring up images of robots taking over the world in your favorite sci-fi movie? Or maybe it just makes you curious as to what the future of technology will look like? 

Often, when we think about AI, we get worried about the future of our jobs. Can AI replace them? Will our skills still be needed as more and more technology is integrated into our day-to-day work? 

The good news is that the answer is no. AI won’t replace humans; in fact, it’s going to be a good change for all of us. 

Look Back in History 

It might be helpful to take a quick look back at how computerization has changed things in the past 20+ years. Although computers may have seemed scary at the time, everyone today enjoys using their phone and devices to get things done, whether that’s using a digital calendar, emailing or even tracking steps to get more fit. 

Before we had computers to help us with menial tasks like those, they took a lot of time and effort out of our days. And likely no one wants to return to those pre-computer days.

Highlighting Human Strengths

So, this begs the question: What are humans good for? 

It all starts with the importance of the human connection. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely has led many studies that show this and that the more we feel appreciated, the better we perform.  

What does this tell us about people? Everything we do is because we want to be connected to the world around us and make people’s lives better. 

What AI Does Best 

So back to AI and where it comes in to play.

Writing and doing paperwork doesn’t create a human connection. Thanks, appreciation and working together draws people together and builds communities.  

And that’s why AI does best at completing non-human tasks, which frees us up to do more human connection-type projects in our daily work. AI is focused on doing what computers do, tasks that are repetitive and can be automated. 

Some examples of this in the world of operations management are: 

  • Routing work orders- AI can help automate who gets work requests when and why, as well as help distribute work evenly among technicians (maybe even by sending a master with an apprentice to improve their skills). 

  • Time to complete work- Not only can AI help track the time it takes to do work without you even having to start a timer, but it can lower the time it takes to complete the work, too. 

  • Making jobs less manual- When AI helps with manual tasks, it frees you up to do more training, critical thinking and creative work to solve bigger challenges. 

Never Fear When AI is Here 

There’s no need to be afraid of AI – in fact, it’s worth embracing for how it can help sharpen our irreplaceable human-based skills that make the world a better place. 

AI is all about making people better people, and that’s something we can all embrace. 

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