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The Benefits of a Mobile CMMS

For maintenance managers responsible for planning and prioritizing maintenance operations, challenges include culture adjustments, skilled labor shortages and communication breakdowns, just to name a few.

The digital execution of these maintenance plans shouldn’t be the hard part.

Yet for managers still relying on paper, basic work order systems or mobile-optimized CMMS web pages to capture labor time for PM tasks, these can be some of the more difficult endeavors to take on. Today’s mobile CMMS apps, on the other hand, provide a natural extension for robust maintenance solutions to help managers execute plans in a highly automated and intuitive way.

Apps for the modern technician

Mobile maintenance applications can prove valuable because they can help in many ways, as partially exemplified below:

  1. Boost productivity for every worker: Employees equipped with a CMMS mobile app can check on assets, the status of maintenance requests and other areas without returning to workstations, sorting through files or contacting others. This makes each worker and operator more self-sufficient and capable of focusing on high-priority initiatives. The features of a CMMS app can range from the simple, like accessing a user’s dashboard to see the next work order, to the sophisticated, such as the geo-tagging of assets for easy location references.
  2. Faster, more accurate data recording: When technicians complete work orders or consume parts and operators assess asset conditions, they can log and refer to each of these actions using a mobile CMMS app. This means that not only are they able to stay on the floor for longer and move to their next tasks more efficiently, they are actively creating a more accurate and reference-able database for all users – even those outside of maintenance.

Machine operators can also access CMMS as Specialized Users to help fulfill total productive maintenance (TPM) strategies.

See 3 ways a mobile CMMS supports manufacturers.

Just getting started

The power of a dedicated CMMS app can be extended further through CMMS integration with other systems, such as ERP, asset monitoring or procurement, as well as by bringing on non-maintenance users to tighten business processes and secure data visibility and integrity. These Specialized Users often include supply chain, finance, operators involved with TPM, QA/QC, and purchasing professionals.

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