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Meet Our Innovative Team

What do you get when you combine five specialists with a passion for positive disruption: Dude Labs.  

This is our new team focused solely on innovation, and they’re spending all their creative energy finding ways to empower our clients. Although they’ve only been working together for a few months, they’re already moving full force on a project to improve how fast and easy our clients can add facility data into our software. 

Dude Labs consists of a fearless leader, data scientist, backend developer, Android developer and UX researcher. While they have unique skillsets, they also learn from each other and sharpen their own skills as they work together. 

Some of the principles that are important to the team include: 

  • Be with clients, by their side 

  • Always value relationships with clients 

  • Be data-driven 

  • Remember we are a software/SaaS company 

They also have a knack for failing fast, navigating uncertainty and not being perfectionistic. 

These characteristics make the team especially strong to focus project by project on making processes easier for Dudes and clients, alike. 

Listen to our recent podcast with Dude Labs to learn more. 

How you can get involved with Dude Labs 

There are a few exciting ways you can help Dude Labs with their innovative ventures. 

If you’re a Dude Solutions employee, you can submit any ideas you have via their idea portal

If you’re a Dude client, you can sign up to be a part of our Facility Innovator group. As a part of this group, you’ll get the chance to try beta versions of Dude Labs projects and provide your feedback. And you’ll get a cool t-shirt! 

We’ll be posting blogs on Dude Labs every few months, so stay tuned for more about the team and what they’re working on. 

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