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In our recent Manufacturing Survey, nearly 90% of metal fabrication operations professionals said the skills gap is an issue at their organization. 

If that doesn’t convince you of the concern over filling manufacturing positions, some of these stats might: 

  • 3.5 million manufacturing jobs are set to become available by 2025, but 2 million will remain unfilled because of the skills gap 

  • 6 out of 10 open production jobs are unfulfilled because of a talent shortage 

The average age of the typical manufacturing professional paired with a lack of skilled workers is creating quite the conundrum in the industry. 

The good news is that there are some tactics operations professionals can use to bridge the gap at their organizations and survive the skills gap with technology like a CMMS

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With a tool like our CMMS for metal and fabrication manufacturers, you can more effectively: 

  • Document processes and protocols – Whether it’s a repair manual or instructions on how to clean a filter, this type of information is much more accessible in a digital (or even mobile) system. Instead of having to ask around for instructions, wasting time, your technicians and engineers can have all the information they need to do their work efficiently and thoroughly. 

  • Capture tribal knowledge to simplify training – With maintenance techs retiring or leaving, you need a reliable way to capture everything they know about assets, processes, past issues and more. When you have this in a digital system, it can take the time and legwork out of training new techs, too. 

  • Usher a new generation into your field – Knowledgeable operations professionals like yourself are the ones responsible for ensuring excellence in the industry continues with the next generation. With digital tools for tracking work, using data on maintenance and operating more efficiently, you can help equip the young talent joining your organization. Attract job seekers to the metal fabrication industry by showing how advanced, technical and exciting today’s machine shop can be. 

The skills gap doesn’t have to mean the end of your team’s efficiency or a threat to your future when you’re harnessing the power of technology to work smarter. 

Download our Bridging the Gap guide for more tactics to survive the skills gap and stay tuned for a blog on manufacturing trends. 

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