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How to Bring Your Operations Data to Life

Data may seem like the furthest thing from a story. 

Data consists of numbers, statistics and facts that are put together to do an analysis. 

Meanwhile, a story has characters, a plot and details put together to engage and teach. 

One is something you may deal with at work and the other is something you partake in on your off hours. 

What’s surprising is that data, even operations data, is closer to a story than you think. 

Your operations data may consist of work order, employee, location and asset data, but when you put them together, you can start drawing some powerful conclusions. You can better see what’s correlated or what is surprising, so you know how to tell that story better to your decision-makers and management. After all, it’s in our DNA to respond well to stories. 

Rick’s Example 

Here’s an example of how a data visualization tool like Dude Intelligence can help you tell the story of your data and make it visible, provable and actionable. 

Let’s say you’re having productivity issues, and you can’t pinpoint the cause. On first look at the On-Time Completion By User dashboard, the chart tells you who is completing their work late most often, and it’s easy to pinpoint Rick as your productivity issue.  


Diving deeper through the interactive interface, you uncover that Rick isn’t being unproductive — he’s just being assigned twice the amount of work as everyone else. And preventive maintenance is his main issue. 


With this information, you can reallocate some resources and better balance Rick’s corrective work orders with the preventive ones.  

Just a few simple clicks can give you insight into the root cause of issues and help you develop a plan to take action. These type of charts and graphs can also be easily exported and shared to ensure you, your manager and your team are all on the same page. 

And that’s the power of storytelling with your data. 

Let us help you start capturing and telling the story of your operations data with a personalized demo of Dude Intelligence.  

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