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Get ahead of these trends

Metal fabrication manufacturing is a growing industry that is constantly implementing new technology and has created an influx of jobs. Many manufacturers use large and expensive machinery like CNC machines, laser cutters and welders to produce the majority of products. These machines require a lot of attention which makes a preventive maintenance program vital, especially due to the overuse of the equipment and the conditions in which they work in. CMMS software can enhance any metalworking or fabrication company by enabling longer asset life and ultimately protecting the investment made in machines.

Two Biggest Trends in Metalworking and Fabrication

There are several technological trends in this industry, but two that have grown tremendously in recent years are 3D printing and advanced robotics. 

While 3D printing technology is still in its early stages and not yet on the complete industrial phase, some are beginning using this technology to produce limited amounts of parts for testing or concept purposes. Not only are new 3D printers being implemented, but advanced robotics are making a greater appearance in the metal fabrication arena, as well. Due to an increase in reshoring efforts, many companies are bringing back manufacturing stateside. With price escalations overseas and cheaper technologies here, bringing back factories is often the better economic choice.

In addition, more sophisticated robots are appearing on the market at a lower price giving an incentive for companies to switch to automation from pure manpower. According to an article in Recode, in the first quarter of 2017 in North America alone, there were 32% more robots bought when compared to the same time of the previous year. Although that statistic was not directly correlated with metals and fabrication, more companies are starting to implement these systems. Robots are complex and even at a lower price point, still an expense that needs to be protected and maintained to ensure long life, quality use and safety of those working around them. 

With our operations management software for manufacturers, operating it is almost as effortless as the automated robots complete their task. Our goal is for anyone to be able to get comfortable and learn our software in no time, so they can start benefitting from more efficient processes immediately.

How can software help?

With an easy-to-use interface and mobile capabilities, our manufacturing operations management system makes any work environment easy to place work orders from. When dealing with complicated and sophisticated robots that have dozens of parts associated with them, keeping up with what you are fixing can become a challenge. 

This type of system can not only aid in maintaining these highly advanced new assets, but also ensure that the correct procedures and tasks are followed to ensure the safety of those working around them. This type of maintenance and work order software also gives you the ability to take and store pictures when processing a work order so administration knows exactly what machine and what part of the machine they are dealing with. Not only can you process work orders on the go but also easily evaluate the condition and longevity of all of your machines.  

See our CMMS for manufacturers in action in this product video or download a client success story.

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