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Q&A Series: Operations Management Software

Grace Flack
  • Jul 03, 2018
  • 3 minute read

What is operations management software? 

Operations management software is technology designed to make running the operations of one or more facilities, organizations or even communities more efficient.

Our clients have seen gains in productivity, efficiency, capital planning and even jobs saved or resources added because of the difference operations management software makes.


Who can benefit from operations management software? 

Many types of organizations, from local government to manufacturing plants to schools and hospitals, can benefit from operations management software. Maintenance, housekeeping, grounds, managers, directors and even executives can benefit from a system for managing operations. Our clients have seen gains in productivity, efficiency, capital planning and even jobs saved or resources added because of the difference operations management software makes. 

This includes: 

  • 10% savings in operational costs 

  • 15-20% time savings 

  • Increasing asset lifecycle by 35% 

  • Decreasing annual utility bills by 15% 

Read some of our client stories to see how. 


What types of operations management software are there? 

There are many types of operations management software to help manage a variety of areas. We offer solutions for: 


How do you use and implement operations management software? 

Our operations management software is delivered through a cloud-based CMMS (or computerized maintenance management system). Learn more about a CMMS here


How do you convince your boss you need operations management software?

There are many ways to show how you need a better way to manage operations, and we are here to help you show the value! 

Our clients have used any number of these tactics to get the OK for operations management software: 


How do you implement operations management software?

Dude Solutions has refined a highly streamlined implementation and communication process for our operations management software led by our Client Services Center (CSC) team guiding you each step of the way. Our implementation process involves the following actions: assessing your needs, prioritizing a list of what should occur when and how, planning a cadence of tasks and communication, executing that plan, then maintaining your success with continual support. 

The specific steps within that process include an orientation call, data collection and review; team training, product and feature training; and then help releasing the software to your organization. Once it's live, you will be assigned to a Client Success Representative to contact when you need help and to review your goals periodically. 

We also offer on-site implementation services to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

Watch this video to meet our implementation team. 


Why switch from paper to operations management software? 

If you're using paper, sticky notes or Excel sheets to keep up with your inventory management or maintenance tasks, inventory or assets, then you can increase your productivity by switching to an operations management system. 

Switching from paper to software will allow you to: 

  • Save time on maintenance tasks 

  • Save money with preventive maintenance and improved asset management 

  • Communicate more effectively with your department and others 

  • Utilize your maintenance data to improve processes and justify decisions 

  • Easily provide reports on your team's work 


What is the cost of operations management software?

Prices for operations management software vary and may be based on square footage, rooms or beds, residents, users or other factors. To learn more about Dude Solutions pricing, request a personalized quote to see the value of software for your organization.  


How do you get training in operations management software? 

As a Dude Solutions client, you will have access to 24/7 online training for our operations management software. We also offer additional consulting and training as needed, as well as learning opportunities at our annual Dude University conference. 


What is the best operations management software?

When choosing operations management software, you must also consider the company or partner you will be working with. You should make sure they have a history of offering exceptional products and a strong support team. At Dude Solutions, we have 11,000+ clients using our CMMS, as well as a 97% client satisfaction rate. 


See our operations management software in action by scheduling a demo.

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