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How a CMMS can help

Compliance and safety is heavily enforced from federal and state agencies for the oil and gas industry. Not only are product quality controls a concern, but health and safety regulations have become more heavily enforced due to past incidences. Recently, manufacturers in this industry have faced environmental agencies imposing various policies, furthering the need for compliance tracking.

Depending on the particular function of the oil and gas manufacturer, different agencies and regulations oversee the production process. For example, offshore drills must comply with the US Coast Guard where land drills do not. Both on- and offshore must comply with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and specific companies must comply with the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) or Department of Interior’s (DOI) Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE).

Just reading the acronyms can be confusing, let alone having to implement and track the regulations of each applicable agency while maintaining oversight of daily operations.

A CMMS (or computerized maintenance management system) can help not only management, but also the technicians and engineers who deal hands-on with the regulated equipment and practices. Organizing requirements and creating checklists becomes easier with a database that consolidates necessary information in one place.

The strenuous processes managers and leadership face to comply with mandated procedures vary greatly depending on individual company dynamics. In recent years, environmental agency policies are proving rewarding for some companies, while detrimental for others.

Large multinational corporations are able to front the costs associated with implementation costs of new technology. It is the smaller companies that are not able to budget for such costs, with “80% of the domestic oil and gas companies in the U.S. being very small, often with fewer than 10 employees," according to Investopedia. These regulations are proving fatal to some companies, as they are not able to keep up with the costs.

This is an area where a manufacturing maintenance management system can greatly assist the business. With logs of activities and permit tracking, assurance is provided to management regarding audits and compliance. Managers can oversee workers’ certifications and activities from a clean, consolidated program instead of digging through stacks of paperwork and expending valuable time. In addition, CMMS systems can help assign work orders to streamline processes and increase the efficiency of companies.

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