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Client Impact Series: City of Delano Speeds up Permitting

Dude Solutions
  • Oct 21, 2019
  • 3 minute read

In case we haven’t talked about it enough, it’s our 20th birthday at Dude Solutions! 

We’re taking this time to celebrate not only our accomplishments over these last two decades, but those of the clients who have been on this journey with us as well. 

The City of Delano, California is a client that’s definitely earned recognition. When we spoke with the city’s Senior Planner, Jerome Keene, he told us about how their backlog of work in their permitting process had caused a lot of frustration among their staff and the community they serve. The city was determined to get out from under their backlog and develop a new process to make sure it didn’t happen again. 

They had a permit wait time of up to 181 days, and they were flooded with calls from annoyed customers. Council members even began getting these calls, which no city wants.  

They found their solution in SmartGov™, a product that allows permitting, licensing, code enforcement and more to be managed in one centralized, cloud-based system. Not only did it meet their checklist of objectives and offer GIS integration, but it did it all within budget. 

Since launching in early 2014, the city has seen major improvements in the service they’re able to provide to permit requesters.  

“First, I would say

We’re much more efficient, and we can handle a much larger workload by being more efficient.


Second, we’re being better stewards of the environment by decreasing our carbon footprint due to not requiring paper plans or forcing people to drive unnecessary miles. And third, we’re being held accountable because everything we do is logged and can be reviewed. For the most part, everybody uses it, and things get done exponentially faster,” Jerome says. 

Some major business wins since using the solution include: 

  • Reducing issuance from their previous lag of 181 days to just 3 to 10 days 

  • Significantly decreasing phone calls from frustrated customers  

  • Keeping up with demand even during peak summer activity 

  • Issuing 14 permits in 45 minutes, something that would have previously been impossible 

Calls from customers have decreased so dramatically their council members have taken notice. Plus, they’re able to help businesses get up and running quicker, bringing more commerce into the city. 

“One council member told me the first month we had the solution, it cut down on his phone calls by 70 percent,” says Jerome. “Our reputation has improved with the development community where we’re getting larger projects in town, and they’re not coming in skeptical.” 


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