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Congratulations to the First Class of "Certified Dudes"

Dude Solutions
  • May 22, 2017
  • 3 minute read

Learn more about our first class of Certified Dudes from Dude University 2017 and see how you can get the accreditation.

We often hear from someone new to one of our solutions that they want access to online training in addition to our Legendary Support. Sometimes, we hear more:

a) We are hiring and want to be sure someone has experience using the Dude.

b) I want to get promoted and having experience with the Dude is a plus.

c) We are invested in being better at what we do, so knowing how best to apply what we have from the Dude is vital.

With all these reasons in mind,

We developed Dude Learn and established the foundation of a certification program as part of our client education initiatives, beginning first with our facility work management systems. At Dude University, we administered the exam with 55 clients who were excited to challenge their knowledge of our software.


Exams were administered across the MaintenanceEssentialsEventEssentials and MaintenanceEdge platforms.

We are happy to announce 11 clients achieved a passing score and will be receiving a copy of their certifications in the coming weeks. Chris Stevens from Stafford County has the claim to fame as being the “First Officially Certified Dude” and Travis Tracey from Frederick County Public Schools took two of our exams and passed both!

Below is a list of the clients who passed an exam:



Certified Solution(s)

Chris Stevens

Stafford County


Zina Bell



Travis Tracey

Frederick County Public Schools


Michael Madrake

Frederick County Public Schools


Edwin Zelek

Prince William County Public Schools


Mike Whitford

Pitt County Schools


Matt Venturini

Prince William County Public Schools


Liz Garver

Prince William County Public Schools


Jonathan McCalip

Phoenix-Talent School District #4


Terry Naylor

School District #39 (Vancouver School Board)


Peter Lindner

Wheaton Christian Grammar School



How was the certification performed? 

Certifications are very serious to us. It is how we gauge the knowledge of our own staff and proof you know your stuff in managing and troubleshooting solutions. We have personal experience in how seriously other companies such as Microsoft and Salesforce ensure there are no disturbances and no ability to circumvent the exam process. We allowed attendees at Dude University to register for the opportunity to take the exam in an environment monitored physically and virtually at the same time. 


If I am interested in being “Dude Certified”, what do I need to know? 

It is highly recommended to take courses and assessments in Dude Learn to increase your likelihood of passing on the first exam. Even long-time, highly experienced users in daily functions are caught off-guard by capabilities they have not used since their account was established, or perhaps they did not implement themselves. Going into the exam confident about managing work or events is only one aspect of the exam as it also includes account setup and management, troubleshooting, scenarios and detailed reporting capabilities. 


Want to test drive a sample Dude Learn course that helps in preparation for the exam? View the Maintenance Administrator Reporting topic in Dude Learn that includes skill assessments. 

The next slated opportunity to take one of our certifications is Dude University in San Diego in March 2018. We will be exploring other options between now and then that will accommodate our strict exam monitoring environment.


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