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Custom MMIC Design Services Sees a “Profound Difference” in Efficiency with Asset Essentials™

Grace Flack
  • Dec 13, 2018
  • 2 minutes

When you’re a manufacturing company with 15+ years in the industry and rapid expansion in front of you, it's critical that everyone and every asset is working as efficiently as possible. 

“We do a huge amount with very little,” says Michael Megan, Software Developer at Custom MMIC Design Services. “Everyone is at the top of their game. People wear a lot of the hats at the company.”  


As a company that manufactures monolithic integrated circuits, including semiconductors, amplifiers and mixers, this was the case when they evaluated their need for software to manage their operations.

What they had vs. what they needed 

“Instead of having an actual system in place, we just had an Excel spreadsheet with pieces of equipment we need. It became a very tedious process,” Michael says. 

The search for software like Asset Essentials™ came from a realization of their inefficiency and “that we could be doing it a lot better and a lot faster.” 

They liked what they saw on our website and just kept coming back to Dude Solutions... for the software features and the name. 

Some of the specific features they were looking for included: 

  • Notifications for scheduled and required work 

  • Preventive maintenance history to see things like the calibration that was done on a piece of equipment 

  • Mobile notifications as a quicker and easier way to get notified about issues or complete work 

  • QR scanning to simplify asset tracking with barcodes 

“Those were the big ones and AE (Asset Essentials) excelled in those,” Michael says. 

The efficiency difference 

When you look at Custom MMIC’s operations before implementing Asset Essentials and after, Michael says there’s a “profound difference.” 

Some tasks that used to take a few hours to complete now only take a few minutes. 

Their Director of Quality says it’s so much more efficient, and everyone likes that it’s more or less a plug and play at the beginning of the month to schedule tasks and organize work in a straightforward way. He also adds that the APIs are very helpful as they integrate various systems. 

But what about implementation? 

Michael says implementation was very streamlined and helped them get up and running in about a month and a half. The enjoyed using Basecamp to keep track of things and said our implementation process was set at a good pace. 

“It was really straightforward and came together really quickly.” 

Furthermore, Michael says dealing with support at The Dude has been “absolutely helpful” with a great response time and a can-do attitude from everyone he has worked with. He enjoys using the 24/7 support chatbox, as well. 

What’s next for MMIC & AE 

In addition to finding ways to expand their use of Asset Essentials (or AE), like asset barcoding and using mobile devices, Michael says the system will continue to help them meet their efficiency KPIs, such as response time, production, shipping, quote response, supplier rating and others. 

“Something that is so intuitive and efficient, when it all comes together, you don’t even have to think about it,” he says of Asset Essentials. “It just works well and helps you report and helps you go about your day as quickly and efficiently as you can.” 

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