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A school's goals are rarely achieved by one person. It takes a team. Here's a thank you to those who contributed important but overlooked work in 2017, and an invite to our Year-in-Review webinar.


If there's one thing most North Carolina basketball fans agree on, it's that the life and legacy of former University of North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith are to be revered. Known for his innovation and lack of ego in an industry that often shines the spotlight on only a few, Smith was considered a maker of men and his common sayings are still well-quoted. One of his most notable quotes regarding what made his teams so successful was "point to the passer." It's a phrase he used to remind his players that though some got to score publicly and receive the glory, it took someone getting them the ball to make it happen.


What does that have to do with you? Well, we work with both scorers and passers every day. We see the public wins and the private setups. So as we're wrapping up our thoughts on 2017, that's what we'd like to do: point to the passer.


We'd like to say thanks to every worker who stayed late or arrived early to get the job done over the past year, everyone who stuck it out in the heat and the rain, those who went the extra mile to solve a problem the right way and the people who did important jobs that went unnoticed. Your part was integral, because you passed the ball that led to success for your team. Think about all the work your department did in 2017. All the work orders filled, problems fixed, changes made, KPIs achieved, people helped, opportunities created. You had an irreplaceable role in that, so thank you.


We also want to thank our own passers. A great deal of effort from many team players went into what we accomplished here at SchoolDude last year, from product enhancements to new offerings and a whole lot of implementations completed for happy clients. It takes everyone here at our organization to make this dream work, to help us create the best solutions for our clients, to serve them better so they can serve their communities better.


A lot was achieved for our clients and internally at SchoolDude in 2017. To showcase it all, we're hosting a Year-in-Review webinar by one of our own, Applications Engineer Keith Leone, on January 25 at 2 PM ET.

In it, we'll talk about:

  • New enhancements to solutions that can help you work smarter, not harder
  • Highlights of the inaugural Operations Health Index
  • Our highest-rated resources, including those not widely available yet
  • Impactful statistics pulled from the largest education operations database in the nation (ours, of course)


To get the full inside scoop on what we achieved over the last year and catch a glimpse of what's to come, register now to secure your spot for this all-inclusive webinar.

Here's to you, the passers.


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