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How can proper data collection be used to transform your school? See how these three schools used metrics to make dramatic differences to their operations.

By now you may have heard about SchoolDude's inaugural Education Operations Health Index report. The index is based on survey responses from over 200 education leaders nationwide on the state of their operations in areas like maintenance, events, energy, technology and safety management. When utilized, the report gives an inside look at the current "health" of the education industry and provides insight into where it could go next.  

Why did we collect this information? Because data matters. Data helps us see where we've been and where we are, what's working and what's not. Most importantly, it helps us see where we need to go and enables us to justify the changes to get us there. Data empowers leaders to continuously improve.  

Many schools across the country are already using data to transform their operations, and they're experiencing impressive results. Don't take our word for it, though. See for yourself. 

Consider Rogers Public Schools who uses the data they collect using SchoolDude's solutions to identify and cut overbilling on their way to designing more energy-efficient buildings. Or, look at Bellingham Public Schools who combined their KPI data tracking and budget analysis to cut thousands of dollars in wasteful spending and improve their events for their students and community. And you can't forget John Dufay, Executive Director of Operations at Albuquerque Public Schools, who utilized the data he and his team collected to create a preventive maintenance strategy that's now saved the district over $2 million in their budget.  

To take your operations from good to great, sound decision making is a must. In order for that decision making to be sound, data is irreplaceable. So, where do you start? Get an overview of our 2017 Operations Health Index to see what's currently going on in the education industry, and download the full report below to get the data you can use to begin your strategy for success. 



Education Operations Health Index

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