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Dude Nation Works From Home: COVID-19 Edition

Kristina Bull
  • Apr 09, 2020
  • 3 minute read

Dude Nation Works From Home: COVID-19 Edition 

Four weeks. That’s how long Dude Nation has been working from home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The Dude adopted a flexible “work from anywhere” policy a couple of years ago, so our team was equipped to get on a Zoom video call or Microsoft Teams to keep their work moving from virtually anywhere. 

Even though we were used to online collaboration and virtual meetings – our lives as we know it have been turned upside down during this pandemic. We’re all adjusting to this “new, temporary normal” as we share a workspace with children, pets and loved ones. Our Zoom calls feature special guests and lunch breaks often include mac-n-cheese, forts and squeezing in an outdoor walk or workout. 

We’re making it work and learning a lot along the way.



How our teams are coming together while physically apart. 


Lessons Learned  

So, after four weeks as a fully remote workforce, here are a few takeaways:  

  • ZOOM coffee dates and meetings with co-workers are fun. 
  • Self-motivation and time management can be difficult… and that’s okay.   
  • Get outside. Change your regularly scheduled meeting to a virtual walk-and-talk. 
  • We are grateful for extra time to spend with our partners, our children, our family and our roommates. The ability to squeeze in a lunchtime workout. Finally tackling the chores or projects you always wished you had the time to do. 
  • We have a fantastic team full of grit, tenacity and perserverence. 
  • Above all, we are thankful for our health. 


Tips for Social Distancing and Working from Home 

As we continue in this new, everyday schedule, here are a few ways to keep things moving.  

  • Try to set up a routine, as much as possible. Your children are home, your partner also has work, and everyone needs something. But getting in a rhythm can help combat feelings of being overwhelmed and uncertain. 
  • Be gracious with yourself and others. Most of us are in unprecedented situations where many things are out of our control. Be easy to forgive and eager to provide understanding and flexibility where you can.  
  • Sprinkle in fun throughout the day.  Start that puzzle your aunt gave you. Raid your game closet (we highly suggest What Do You Meme? and Monopoly). Make a Netflix Watch Party group for movie night with friends. Draw pictures and cards for a local nursing home.  
  • Stay active. Go out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Dust off that Wii Fit machine. Take an online yoga or workout class in your living room.  
  • Check in on friends and family. If someone crosses your mind, tell them. If you haven’t seen someone in a while, ask them how they are doing. Most people are social distancing and it is always nice to hear a friendly voice. 


We want to hear from you!

Do you have any other lessons, tips or even fails from working from home? We would love to hear them! Let us know on our social channels: 

FacebookLinkedInTwitter or Instagram #lifeatthedude #thedudeisbesideyou  


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