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Dude Solutions Employer Value Proposition: Our 3 P's Pledge

Grace Flack
  • Sep 04, 2020
  • 3 minute read

What do employees love most about working at Dude Solutions? 

This was one of the questions we set out to answer in our recent Employer Value Proposition (or EVP) project.


I've used three different maintenance management programs, and it was by far the easiest one to use. It’s the most user friendly program that I’ve seen.


After many interviews, surveys and conversations, we were able to distill our pledge down to three specific areas. In fact, they are three P's, which we think makes them easy to remember. 

  1. People 
  2. Purpose
  3. Possibility

Now, let's break down what each of these means for Dude employees (current and future). 



You will work alongside talented, driven peers 

Dude Solutions is what it is because of the incredible individuals who power it — affectionately called The Dudes. 

We’ll never be a suit-and-tie kind of place. But that doesn’t mean we don’t come to work ready to challenge ourselves and deliver on our promises to our clients — and to each other. 

We’re a team of smart, talented, down-to-earth people who bring out the best in one another. We put our heads together to tackle projects big and small. We collaborate. We celebrate. We give it our all. 



You will make a meaningful and measurable impact 

We’re here to serve the operations leaders who make life better for everyone else. When they succeed, we succeed. 

No matter your team or department — you’ll play a vital role in our clients’ victories and stories. Of money being saved. Jobs being secured. Lives being improved. 

You’ll get to know and love our clients like family. You’ll take pride in what you do. And you’ll go home each day knowing you’ve made a difference. The hero of the unsung hero. 



You will create a future of better work 

Dude Solutions has been in business for two decades — and we have yet to stop learning, growing, expanding. 

You’ll have the opportunity to build something new with us, every day. Always asking what we can do differently next time. Continually improving and innovating with every project. 

We're a high-growth tech company with ambitious goals. You’ll help create this future. And you’ll push yourself and your fellow Dudes to do and achieve more than you thought possible. 


Interested in learning more? Listen to our CEO talk about our EVP, then check out our Careers page for more information and current job openings. 


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