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Dude Solutions Employer Value Proposition: Our 4 Values

Grace Flack
  • Aug 21, 2018
  • 2 minute read

What are the core values of those who work at Dude Solutions? 

As we did research for our Employer Value Proposition initiative, it was important to get to the heart of our company values. It was also critical to make sure they fit perfectly and could be remembered easily.


Company values are used as: 

  • Beliefs that inform how the company and its employees act and do business 

  • A way to ensure employees are living up to a consistent standard 

  • A measure in employee reviews 

Explore our company pledge in this blog post. 

We landed on four values that encapsulate who we are and what we work toward: 

  1. Service 

  2. Ingenuity 

  3. Integrity 

  4. Together 

Each of these describes a piece of our internal puzzle, so let’s explore each one. 



Helping our unsung heroes at every step 

Our clients are our heroes, doing the often unsung work that changes lives. That’s why we work humbly by their side. Our passion is helping them do more than they ever thought possible. 

Beyond the solutions we offer, it’s in the Dude DNA to support the communities we serve. We bring out the best in each other through our service to others. 



Improving what we create and the way we work 

We empower our clients to improve their operations, further their careers, impact their communities. Our solutions promise to get better every day. And so do we. 

Ingenuity means to create cleverly and continually. We’re resourceful, always seeking smart and simple answers to complex problems. We’re not afraid to fail. We stay open to new ideas, eager to learn. As individuals, and as a company, we grow. 



Building trust by keeping our promises 

We love getting to know our clients until they become like family. Relationships with the people we serve help us create the solutions they need to do their best work. We’re accountable for every promise. 

To stay true to our mission, we must operate through courageous transparency — sharing the “why” behind our decisions. Our words are our actions. We go further as a team when we trust each other.



Working collectively to do something incredible

Our clients are our partners. We collaborate to transform their organizations, and they continue to transform ours.  

Call it teamwork or collaboration or working as a community. At The Dude, we choose to support each other. Whether celebrating successes or navigating change, we’re in it together. 

Learn more about the EVP process on our podcast and check out current job openings on our Careers page


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