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Dude Solutions Welcomes New CPO Jodi McDermott

Dude Solutions
  • Dec 17, 2018
  • 3 minute read
On November 7, Dude Solutions proudly welcomed Jodi McDermott, new Chief Product Officer, to our team.


Jodi will provide valuable leadership and insight to The Dude, mainly focusing on the areas of product strategy, management, marketing and M&A. 

Jodi joins Dude Solutions with extensive professional experience, including over 20 years in digital technology, analytics and product management. In her career, she has led building products from idea to market launch and has helped lead the carve out of two product businesses to successful divestures from Gartner and comScore. Prior to joining our team, she worked at both start-up and established firms, including SHL (formerly a business unit of CEB, now Gartner), comScore, USA TODAY, Visual Sciences (acquired by Adobe) and AddThis (acquired by Oracle).  

Needless to say, we’re confident Jodi is the person to help drive growth at Dude Solutions and lead us into the next phase of SaaS-based product development. 

“Dude Solutions continues to grow and evolve, and while planning for the future, it became clear that a Chief Product Officer was necessary to help us reach our full potential,” says Ed Roshitsh, CEO of Dude Solutions. “Not only does Jodi possess the skillset to elevate The Dude in the areas of product, including M&A and buy, build, partner decisions, I am confident her leadership will be invaluable at all levels of our organization.”  

As for why Jodi chose The Dude as her next career move, she credits the company’s passion and products as the basis for creating the right chemistry. “What excited me most about joining the company was the quality of the leadership team, the passion of the employees I met and the growth opportunity in the market for the product,” she says. “I also have to like the product and find the space interesting. I’ve been working with software as a service for 10 years and really love working with technology that provides true value.” 

She also points to Dude Solutions’ culture as being a good fit. “The people come across as very genuine and care deeply about the customers and the company.” 

In her role as Chief Product Officer, she says her goal is to combine her product and technology experience to create measurable growth. “Driving year-over-year growth requires strategy, focus and execution. Being agile and deliberate across all three of those dimensions is critical,” she says. 

When Jodi takes her CPO hat off, she’s a mother of two teenagers (and a new puppy) and comes to The Dude from Washington, DC. An avid skier, she describes herself as a passionate and driven person who can work hard and play hard, making her a great fit for the Dude Family.  

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the team, and we can’t wait to see where her product expertise leads Dude Solutions and its clients in the years to come.


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