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For those in the education industry, this webinar is a must-see to improve your operations in 2018 and the coming years. See why and get registered today.

At SchoolDude, we think of ourselves as a community. We like to be closely involved with our clients. We want to hear from you, whether it's on our Operations Health Index survey, at Dude University, our community boards or anywhere in between. Not only do we genuinely like our clients, but your inside industry perspective is invaluable to our mission of helping improve education operations. We take our data and combine it with your needs, challenges, opinions and reporting to provide professionals all over the world with the big picture of the education industry.  

Because of you, we're able to bring together the voices of education institutions across the globe in the spirit of finding better solutions and services to fit the needs of the industry. We're also able to use this information to analyze and predict where the industry is going so that we can keep you prepared. 

That's what led us to our most recent e-book, 5 Operations Management Trends to Know for 2018. 

One E-book to Rule Them All 

Okay, this new e-book shouldn't overshadow reading our other education e-books, but it is the e-book you need to read to start your 2018 the right way. It's been a big goal of ours to shed light on what education professionals need to be aware of to stay ahead of the curve, and the information in this e-book does just that. In it, we tell you the five themes you're going to see become a must in 2018 and the coming years, themes your institution needs to be aware of to plan for operational success.  

And the Webinar You Don't Want to Miss 

To help you make the most of the e-book, we're also offering a webinar in which we'll unpack these trends in more depth. We're really excited to bring this information to you in a digestible way so you can make smart decisions for your school in the year ahead. We love getting to have this kind of interaction with our clients, giving you a chance to ask questions and make your voice known on our polls.  

Whether you've had a chance to dive in to the e-book or not, you don't want to miss out on the important information we're covering in this webinar. Register now to claim your spot and join the Dude community for this exciting presentation!  

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