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Efficiency Video Tips for a Better Maintenance & Operations Workflow

Grace Flack
  • Sep 22, 2020
  • 2 minute read

Operations professionals like you are stretched thin with resources, and that’s why there is a trend to optimize maintenance processes to find efficiency wins. And your peers are having success finding ways to save time and resources in areas that really matter. 

To help you reach your efficiency goals, we have some quick tips on how you can transform your maintenance and operations into a more efficient and cost-saving engine.  

It all comes back to the organization and tools you have at your fingertips — and focusing in on those that can help you be more agile and creative using the resources you have today. 


Workflow efficiency  

Let’s talk about your workflow. 

How efficient and organized is it today? Get ideas for some ways you can improve your maintenance workflow to give your staff the information they need and a way to prioritize maintenance tasks in this quick clip.  

You can be more efficient by:

  • Optimizing your staff time and resources 

  • Prioritizing preventive maintenance and working in corrective maintenance where necessary 

  • Organizing your system for cataloging parts and inventory  

Now is the time to refine your processes and technology.


Mobile & cloud tools 

Now is the time to refine your processes and technology – and cloud-based maintenance technology is where maintenance professionals like you have found a 28% improvement in productivity. 

Read about other benefits of using a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) in this infographic. 

You can be more efficient by: 

  • Using maintenance technology built on the cloud and with a mobile app 

  • Being able to go online and offline with your maintenance system 

  • Connect your team and other departments with a quick and easy way to communicate 

Time to take the next step 

With a more streamlined maintenance process and technology to help you stay organized, you will be able to tackle more and know what to work on next – across your maintenance team. 

Get more tips to jumpstart your operational efficiency in our guide

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