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It's that time again: Don't miss the second annual Education Operations Health Index from Dude Solutions, full of even more data and insights than the first!

By now, you may have heard about Dude Solutions' annual Education Operations Health Index report. We talked about the importance of it quite a bit in 2017 with our first ever edition, and we're proud to say it's back and better than ever! This year, our index is based on survey responses from over 300 education leaders nationwide (a lot more than last year!) from K-12, Higher Education, private and independent organizations.

You told us about the state of your operations in important fields such as maintenance, after-hour events, energy and technology. With that information in hand, we created a data-driven report designed to give you an inside look at the current "health" of the education industry and provide benchmarks to give you an inside look at how you compare to your peers nationwide.

So what changed between last fall's report and this spring's? More than you might think. You can expect new information on topics such as:

Reporting Data

Schools are using data to make valuable shifts that lead to big changes, such as securing $675,000 in state funding by putting together an accurate report of work order data. It's easy to disagree over opinions, but it's hard to argue against facts. How do your reporting capabilities compare to our reporting benchmarks?


The good news: your peers are feeling more positive about managing external factors that impact their facilities. The bad news: your peers are feeling less confident about managing internal things that should be in their control. Surprisingly enough, not all of this has to do with funding. Based on your answers, we have a feeling about where this sentiment is coming from and we'll discuss why.


It's only April and predictive maintenance (PdM) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have already become hot topics for 2018. While we label them as "trends"these movements appear to be here to stay. Some of your peers plan to implement PdM and IoT in the near future, others have never heard of it. Where does the average fall? We'll tell you what we found.

Deferred Maintenance Backlog

Studies show that there is over $500 billion in deferred maintenance in US schools, and this number will continue to grow if the focus doesn't shift to preventive maintenance. We'll go over the shift we saw in preventive maintenance from the fall, good or bad.

Community Use

Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools might have different costs associated with after-hour community use, but where does sentiment around recovering those cost stand?

Technology Concerns

Already, there is one thing that IT leaders say is 64 percent more important this year than it was last year. Can you guess what it is?

We collected all this information because data matters. Data helps us see where we've been and where we are, what's working and what's not. Most importantly, it helps us see where we need to go and enables us to justify the changes to get us there. Data empowers leaders to continuously improve. 

Many schools across the country are already using data to transform their operations, and they're experiencing impressive results. Don't take our word for it, though. See for yourself. Look out for the release of our comprehensive 2018 Operations Health Index reportand join us for our 2018 Operations Health Index webinar on April 19 hosted with SPMCPM to take a deeper dive into our findings and what they mean.

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