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Facility Managers: Hear from Your Peers on World FM Day!

Dude Solutions
  • May 15, 2019
  • 3 minute read

Today is World FM Day! 

And if you didn’t see our blog post earlier in the week, we’re celebrating facility managers all week long. We at Dude Solutions consider facility managers unsung heroes. Facility maintenance is a job in which, the better you do it, the less people notice. It’s a good thing, because if people were noticing issues like hot temperatures in buildings, leaks or broken equipment that called attention to your role, that would mean you’re doing something wrong. But since we rarely notice when a building is comfortable, clean and properly functioning, facility managers don’t get the credit they deserve.  

Since we work with facility managers every day to improve their operations, we have a special appreciation for what they do and get a front-row seat to exactly what’s on their minds and what they face day to day within their facilities.


We recently surveyed some of our clients about their facility maintenance experiences and found that many face the same issues and wins. So to celebrate World FM Day, we’re sharing a few of those responses to remind you you’re not in it alone and maybe even add some humor to your day. 


What’s your favorite part of your job? 

“Helping people with what they need with a smile!” 

“The ‘other duties as assigned’ portion. It’s fun to never know exactly what your day will hold!” 

“Seeing how many work orders we received and completed during a school year. Knowing I helped make a difference in keeping the schools going for our students.” 

“Learning maintenance, HVAC and automation skills from our guys in maintenance.” 

“The people I work with!” 


What’s the most challenging part of your job? 

“The requesters!” 

“The culture change...getting maintenance techs to use technology.” 

“Getting technicians to change old habits and stop using pen and paper, and also getting schedules approved. I usually have to send reminder emails.” 

“People not wanting to create a work order id.” 


What has been your most interesting work order? 

“Toilet paper rollers are too loud and disturbing SOL testing.” 

“We received a work order telling us that a snake had been discovered in a building and that it was removed. Couldn't assign it to an employee because our end user did the work!” 

“Someone called to say that there was a dead animal in the ceiling tiles, but it was actually spoiled garbage place by a fan.” 

“We had a broken vending machine and the requester said in the description, ‘It takes and takes and takes money, just like my ex!’” 


What keeps you trying to improve your operations? 

“Bettering our efficiency all the time.” 

“Our maintenance and custodial staff. If they enjoy their jobs and the work they do, they will do a better job taking care of the customers and our facilities.” 

“The desire to bring everything current and accurate for our organization.” 

“I have a passion for facilities because it offers great challenges and helps me be a resourceful and creative problem solver." 


Thanks to all facility managers for all you do! 

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