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Whether you're a popular location for weddings, golf tournaments or have a state of the art gym, your maintenance routine can make or break members' experiences.

Your maintenance routine can have a major impact on member satisfaction – but you probably already knew that. A great experience can lead to positive word of mouth, referrals for new members to join your club and a solid reputation in your community as a great place for recreation. On the other hand, a negative experience can not only leave a bad taste in your members' mouths but also deter new members from joining. Whether you're a popular location for weddings, the host of golf tournaments or a state of the art gym, every asset in your facilities is there to support your members, and you need a modern maintenance routine to support them.

Your Modern "To Do" List

The assets that your members use every day are more than just amenities, they’re investments that will support your club for years to come.  Simply upgrading existing equipment or purchasing new pieces isn't enough without maintenance plans to support them. In order to fully protect the investment you’ve made, a plan for continuous improvement needs to be made that benefits both your assets and the people who maintain them.

A modern maintenance plan doesn't just include day-to-day tasks (although they're still a high priority!). In fact, the best way to make sure that your facilities are in great shape is with a comprehensive plan that helps you get in front of problems before they even arise with preventive maintenance (PM). And, to tie it all together, you need a tool to capture all of your work and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

For this reason (and many more), organizations are turning towards computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). But even with the right tool, your team needs a plan for success that will ensure they stay productive and effective. It's not enough to have software to back up your work if the way you approach maintenance fails to make way for the long-term.

At Dude Solutions, we’ve adopted a five-step process for making sure that your organization is working at peak efficiency – or, as we like to call it, the APPEM framework:

  1. Assess
  2. Prioritize
  3. Plan
  4. Execute
  5. Maintain

To learn more about the APPEM framework and how maintenance directly supports your members' satisfaction, check out our guide Simpifying Maintenance for Improved Member Experience.

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