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Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Simplify & Streamline New Tech Adoption

Dude Solutions
  • Apr 25, 2019
  • 4 minute read

Meet change with confidence with these tips

The ever-changing nature of technology is something companies across all industries are beginning to accept. However, that doesn’t mean adopting new tech is an easy process for employees. Having workforce support is a vital part of a successful technology implementation. Even the most advanced platforms can turn to disasters without a receptive ecosystem. In order to have that, the adoption process of these new technologies should be as seamless as possible. 

Although technological innovations are inevitable in the business world, their implementation can be long and difficult. By simplifying the adoption process and ensuring all team members are on board, every step of the way, organizations will have the best possible chance at successful integration. Here’s how:


Start with research

The first step in any tech adoption strategy is to research the products you wish to implement, and ensure you pick the best one for your circumstances. In most situations, you’ll want to choose products that encompass several functions with as few moving parts as possible. That way, employees only have to learn one new system, as opposed to multiple.

A recent Wall Street Journal article on the innovations to Oracle applications pointed out that customers don’t want to be burdened by a full tech refresh if it includes multiple new platforms to implement and learn. By including multiple apps in one neat package, tech adoption becomes a less complex process. If you take the time to research which platforms will include everything you need, you will be setting your organization up for success.


Cultivate a network of stakeholders

One of the easiest ways to get staff members on board is to identify the most influential employees in the company. These are the people who communicate well, have a wide network, are trusted among colleagues, inspire others and work within multiple groups each day. Once the rest of the workforce sees these key employees embracing the change, they’ll be more likely to hop on board as well.

Make sure to involve these stakeholders in the planning and decision-making processes. Give them early access to the new technology and ask for their feedback throughout the beginning stages of the transition. A McKinsey study found that when influential employees feel a sense of ownership and take initiative with their coworkers, transformation success rates jump to 79 percent.


Give the cliff notes when needed

When deploying a full-company tech transformation, there can be many moving parts. Not every aspect of the new technology will affect every member of your organization. In order to simplify the innovation as much as possible, only explain relevant portions to employees dependent on level of necessity.

For example, an all-encompassing cloud platform like Dude Solutions could be broken up into different knowledge brackets. You can offer high-level adoption for employees who don’t need to get down into the details of the technology itself and instead only need a surface-level knowledge for their own purposes. However, someone who will be working in the platform day in and day out, will need a much more extensive education on the new technology and should be given the unabridged explanation.


Create an inclusive training procedure

Once the whole team is ready to participate, the next step is to get them each trained on the new technology. Your stakeholder employees should already have a steady grasp on the programs and should therefore play a key role in helping to roll it out among the rest of the staff. It’s important to ensure each employee understands the new programs and no one is left behind.

Additionally, training should be broken up into small, bite-sized pieces stretched out over a longer period of time. Nothing will confuse your employees more than throwing a large amount of information at them all at once without giving them time to learn each piece. By separating out training into a simple, segmented program, each employee will be less overwhelmed.


Keep constant communication

Throughout the entire transformation process, consistent communication is crucial. It’s important to keep everyone informed as the adoption process gains traction and starts being implemented. Keep track of how your staff feels about the new technology throughout deployment by welcoming any and all feedback.

Listen to what your employees have to say, especially when they aren’t understanding the tech. That may mean you need to spend a little more time explaining certain parts to make the transition simpler. Monitor the workflow and course correct as needed throughout your adoption. New technology impacts everyone in your organization, so it’s important to make each employee feel comfortable.

Successful technology adoption, in any organization, requires a straightforward, easy-to-understand process. Each employee should feel as if they understand everything necessary throughout the entire adoption process. By following our advice, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate new tech into your company without a hitch.

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