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Want to transform your institution from good to great in 2018? Download our e-book to learn the trends you need to be aware of for operational success.

We all have a reason we got into the education industry, a reason that makes even the hard days feel worthwhile. We call this reason our why. At SchoolDude and for many of our clients, our why is to contribute to something noble, something that we can witness transform people's lives every day.

When we remember that reason why, we're inspired to make educational institutions even better. There's always more we can do for our students, but it's often difficult to know where to start or what improvements really matter. What are the projects that will truly take your institution from good to great in the coming years? What items should be top priority in your capital planning? What are even small, simple things you can do to make a noticeable difference?

As part of our job at SchoolDude, we feel an obligation to keep a finger on the pulse of the education industry. We observe, collect data, ask for first-hand input and study themes across the industry landscape so we can report to you, the ones putting in the day-to-day effort, what to be on the lookout for and what really matters. It's our goal to always help you make smarter choices for your institutions and the people you serve.

Which Leads Us to...

That desire to help you work better was the inspiration for our latest e-book, 5 Operations Management Trends to Know for 2018. In it, we're providing the top five trends institutions across the country need to be aware of to achieve operational success in the years to come.

The e-book covers topics like:

  • Do I really need a preventive maintenance program to be successful?
  • What's this "predictive" maintenance I keep hearing about?
  • How do I go about energy conservation?
  • What do I do if community facility usage is draining my school?
  • Where do I start when it comes to making data-driven business decisions?
  • How can I improve my students' learning environment?
  • You'll not only learn what trends will matter most for schools moving forward, but also what to do about them, with many additional resources packed in to help you navigate the future of education.

About That Word Trend

We know, we know. The word trend kind of gets a bad rap. It's often mistaken for a fleeting movement, a craze that could be gone by next month. So, it's easy to see why you may think there's no need to jump on the bandwagon of these five trends or may be skeptical about their importance. However, we're not talking about parachute pants or The Rachel. We're talking about data-backed observations of the direction the education industry is moving in, so don't mistake how crucial it is for education leaders to understand the importance of these five trends.

Ready to dive in? Download the 5 Operations Management Trends to Know for 2018 e-book and get the information you need work smarter, provide better and use your budget more wisely for your students this year and in the future.

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