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How Connected Products Drive Efficiency: Asset Essentials + Energy Manager

Zach Kunkel
  • Oct 12, 2020
  • 3 minutes

As operations professionals, there are a million critical moving pieces inside your organization that need to work at their best to keep your operations running smoothly. All the while, relying entirely upon energy and utilities to power those critical systems, facilities and assets.  

Knowing this, operations professionals aren’t usually shocked to hear that utilities are often the second highest budget item for organizations. But, did you know that, according to ENERGY STAR ®, the average organization wastes 30% of their utility use and rarely has a tracking system in place?  

Without a tracking system in place, organizations aren't sure what utility spend is necessary and what spend is waste. Never has that been more important than during COVID-19. All organizations are dealing with tighter budgets and leaner staff, meaning that every dollar counts now more than ever.  

In these times, organizations that are prioritizing energy management are empowered to properly steward their limited budget so that spending happens where it is necessary and matters – on students, citizens and technology. Not on operational and equipment issues that are causing waste. 

At Dude Solutions, our mission is to empower our clients to do the best work of their lives. To do this, we are always looking for ways that our software solutions can make our client’s lives easier. 

We are happy to say that we have done just that with our recent integration between our work & asset management and energy management solutions, Asset Essentials and Energy Manager.


The need for a connection 

Imagine this...  

Your Energy Manager or Facility Manager is conducting a walk-through of one of your buildings. As they are conducting their audit, they find a broken door seal that is wasting energy and potentially costing the organization.  

What do you do next? 

While every organization might have a slightly unique process for how to request and manage this work, one thing is true: The last thing you want to be doing is making phone calls, sending emails or chasing people down to ensure the waste is addressed and work is completed. 

But, what if: 

  • As soon as the waste was identified, you could create a work request directly within your energy management system stating the issue 

  • These requests were routed directly to your organization’s M&O department 

  • Upon receiving these requests, the M&O team could assign the work directly to the proper technician 

  • Once the work was completed, you were notified and could conduct a follow-up audit to confirm, thus closing the loop 

Sound too good to be true? Enter Dude Solutions’ recent integration between Asset Essentials and Energy Manager – a connection that enables a better way to work. 



This integration allows you to generate work orders based off energy waste, route directly to their facilities teams and receive status updates as the work is completed.   

This enables your organization to: 

  • Reduce energy waste and cost: Quickly act upon waste before it appears on next month’s bill  

  • Save time and get more done: This quick and simple feature allows energy managers to request maintenance support without leaving their day-to-day system 

  • Track and prove results: Prove how much energy reduction work orders have saved the organization 


What is in it for you specifically? 

Energy Manager: You'll be able to quickly act on energy waste to ensure it doesn’t appear on next month’s energy bill.  

M&O or Facilities Director: You’ll be able to track energy-related work, seamlessly assign your technicians and ensure work orders are properly input into your CMMS.  


Solving the energy + work communication headache 

We know that utilities can be a big budget item for your organization. However, with the right software, users can quickly identify utility waste, track the results of the corresponding actions, centralize the management of their entire utilities ecosystem and make smarter operations decisions with understandable reports and charts – without need for energy expertise or training. 

Energy Manager is a cloud-based tool that empowers building operators — facility and energy managers alike — to quickly identify utility waste, better prioritize action and make smarter operational decisions with centralized management of utilities.

Asset Essentials is a cloud-based work and asset management platform that empowers operations professionals to reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and make smarter operations decisions. 

Learn more about our solutions and how they will help you own your operations in these videos. You can also see how to connect to your event management system in this blog.


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