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How Connected Products Drive Efficiency: Asset Essentials + Event Manager

Zach Kunkel
  • Oct 05, 2020
  • 3 minutes

As operations professionals, there are a million critical moving pieces inside your organization that need to work at their best to keep your operations running smoothly. With all their moving parts, managing events and facility use can be extremely similar – and quickly becoming a headache for your organization without the right process and tools.  

While your organization might not be hosting events or offering your facilities for community use currently, this “new normal” has caused many operations and event professionals to look for ways to solve those headaches and become more efficient in preparation for when events do come back online. 

At Dude Solutions, our mission is to empower our clients to do the best work of their lives. To do this, we are always looking for ways that our software solutions can make our client’s lives easier. 

We are happy to say that we have done just that with our recent integration between our work & asset management and event management software solutions, Asset Essentials and Event Manager. 

The need for a connection 

Imagine this...  

Your organization gets a request to use your gym for an upcoming fundraiser for a local non-profit. The group is requesting the space three Thursdays from now, will be expecting around 100 attendees and are going to need microphones and projectors set up.   

What do you do next? 

While every organization might have a slightly unique process for how to approve, schedule and manage these events, one thing is true: The last thing you want to be doing is making phone calls, sending emails or chasing people down to ensure the event is properly set up and ready to go. 

But, what if:  

  • As soon as the event was approved, you could create tasks directly within your event management software system stating your needs  

  • These tasks were routed directly to your organization’s M&O department  

  • Upon receiving these requests, the M&O team could assign the work directly to the proper technician  

  • Once the work was completed, you were notified that the event is ready 

Sound too good to be true? Enter Dude Solutions’ recent integration between Asset Essentials and Event Manager – a connection that enables a better way to work. 

This integration allows you to generate work orders based off event-related needs, route directly to their facilities team and receive status updates as the work is completed.

This enables your organization to: 

  • Save time and get more done: This quick and simple feature allows administrators to request maintenance support without leaving their day-to-day system 

  • Improve internal communication: Automation helps ensure technicians know what to do and where to do it and give event managers peace of mind knowing their renters’ needs are met 

  • Accurately justify maintenance staffing & budget: Being able to track the impact events has on your M&O team will be the data you need to ask for additional headcount and prove your value 

What is in it for you specifically? 

Event Manager or Facility Coordinator: You'll be able to get the right people to do the right work in the right place without having to leave Event Manager, your day-to-day tool.  

M&O or Facilities Directors: You’ll be able to track event-related work, seamlessly assign your technicians and ensure work orders are properly inputted into your CMMS.  

Solving the events + work communication headache 

We know events can quickly become a headache for your organization. However, event management doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources and time.  

Event Manager™ simplifies your facility use program by empowering your cost recovery efforts, centralizing your organization's events on to one calendar and streamlining administrative processes. 

Asset Essentials™ is a work and asset management tool that empowers operations professional to holistically manage their infrastructure and facilities. 

Learn more about our solutions and how they will help you own your operations in these videos. 

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