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How Connected Products Drive Efficiency: Asset Essentials + SmartGov

Zach Kunkel
  • Dec 10, 2020
  • 3 minutes

Our world is becoming increasingly connected – in many ways to help boost efficiency and time savings. And in your world of government operations management, you need a way to streamline your processes and connect the work of many departments together.

As citizens expectations rise, especially during the pandemic, those you serve are looking to you for easier, more digital ways to interact. In fact, recent trends have shown a growing preference by citizens to interact with municipalities via online means, whether web or consumer-friendly apps.

In a Deloitte survey of 1,200 government officials from more than 70 countries:¹ 

  • 78 percent said digital capabilities allow their employees to work better with citizens
  • 82 percent said that improving the customer experience and increasing transparency are main objectives of their organizations’ digital strategy

The Deloitte article also states that “in another recent survey, state IT personnel and decision-makers identified the most critical areas needing better digital capabilities; these included health and human services, motor vehicles, employment, public safety, licensing, renewals, and permitting.”

Without a way to connect asset management and community development processes like inspections and permitting digitally, you are falling behind with citizens and keeping your staff from efficiencies in their daily work.

Local governments who are finding the connection between their systems are succeeding with simple ways to streamline processes from department to department and communicating easier and safer with citizens to meet their needs.

At Dude Solutions, our mission is to empower our clients to do the best work of their lives. To do this, we are always looking for ways that our software solutions can make our client’s lives easier.

One way that we are empowering operations professionals is with our recent integration between our work & asset management and community development solutions, Asset Essentials™ and SmartGov™.

The need for a connection

Imagine if a citizen could not only have an easy way online to request an infrastructure issue like a water leak, but if it could also automatically be reported to your maintenance team for prioritization. And then, what if the citizen could get an automatic communication of the next steps the city is taking to fix the issue.

Imagine if each of those tasks can be done in one place without visiting multiple bookmarks in your browser.

Think of the emails, calls, time and frustration that could be saved when everyone is in the loop with connected software.

If that sounds too good to be true, check out what’s possible with the integration between Asset Essentials and SmartGov.

Asset Essentials SmartGov connection

This connection enables you to:

  • Empower your citizens with a one-stop-shop for making requests – for work, licensing or permitting needs
  • Increase citizen engagement and communication with an easy-to-use, centralized portal 
  • Reduce the administrative burden associated with documenting citizen requests and easily direct your community to the request portal from web, email and other communication channels

What is in it for you specifically?

City Manager: You can empower your citizens with a one-stop shop for almost all requests, as well as make it easier for your team to monitor, prioritize and respond to requests (with no need to answer emails, calls, etc.).

M&O or Facilities Director: You’ll be able to track work, seamlessly assign your technicians and ensure citizens’ work orders are properly input and closed in your CMMS.

Solving the community development + maintenance headache

With software that connects community development to maintenance and asset management, you can empower your citizens with a one-stop-shop for making their requests and your staff with one place to manage those requests across departments.

This feature allows clients who utilize both SmartGov and Asset Essentials to provide a single portal for their citizens to make their requests. SmartGov provides the ability for a citizen to log neighborhood complaints like building code violations and nuisances such as tall grass, barking dogs, etc. Asset Essentials allows a citizen to report community infrastructure maintenance issues like potholes, etc.

SmartGov is a cloud-based licensing and online permitting software for local jurisdictions that drives revenue growth, increases citizen confidence and maximizes efficiencies by reducing time, costs and errors associated with permit processing, business licensing, code enforcement and inspections.

Asset Essentials is a cloud-based work and asset management platform that empowers operations professionals to reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and make smarter operations decisions.

Learn more about how this connection can help you succeed in this video and reach out when you’re ready to see how it can work for your organization.


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