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How Technology Is a Force of Change in Senior Living

Dude Solutions
  • Dec 04, 2019
  • 3 minute read

News flash: Technology is here to stay. 

The maintenance industry as a whole (and in healthcare, specifically) has been a holdout, a last bastion of carrying around a stack of paperwork orders on a clipboard. The time has come, though, and technology in maintenance is no longer a nice-to-have – it is an essential tool. Once seen as unnecessary change, it is now critical and even required by many inspection and compliance agencies.

So, what are some ways that technology is helping maintenance and operations professionals today? Let’s dive into a few.


Knowledge Retention

Use your preventive maintenance tasks (PMs) and work order templates as knowledge retention tools. The maintenance workforce is getting older. The folks who have been doing the job and doing it well for 10, 20, 30 years are nearing their golfing days and when they go, they will take their knowledge with them.

Using operations management systems, like TheWorxHub for healthcare and senior living organizations, can help solve this challenge. By building detailed Work Order Templates and Scheduled Work Orders in your system, you can make sure that the knowledge is retained by the next generation of technicians to step into the role. This will also help to get the next technician up to speed faster as the Work Orders are already detailed enough to explain each job fully.

Just imagine the time you could save in training and everyday work instructions with all of the information you and your team needs in one, easy-to-use system.


Growing Your Team

Speaking of your technicians, the new crop is coming from a generation that has grown up with smartphones. Having a web-based and even mobile work order management solution (like TheWorxHub) will serve as a recruiting tool. There is no need to carry around a stack of work orders that could be scattered into the wind at any moment, when they can all be neatly organized on a smartphone or tablet.

“Technology is just another way for management to spy on me” is the most common objection by technicians when it comes to buying into using work order software. What TheWorxHub really does at the end of the day is empower technicians to show how much work they are doing.

Have any techs who complain about being overworked? Now they can show you by tracking every work order and running timers on every task.

“Now I’m able to get credit for everything I do. I used to do things and no one knew.” - Technician at John Knox Village of Central Florida

Based on the reporting that TheWorxHub is capable of generating, more informed staffing and scheduling decisions are right at your fingertips.


Smart Tools for Today & Tomorrow

Maintenance techs are professionals and they need the right tools.


It goes beyond hammers and screw drivers; they need an iPad and they need TheWorxHub.” - Amy Bromm, Facilities Coordinator at Clark Retirement Community

TheWorxHub is a solution that meets today’s needs by streamlining your maintenance operations to help you to create an environment of accountability, productivity and transparency.

But it’s also a solution for tomorrow by helping to retain valuable information and helping a new generation adapt to the maintenance industry.

Taylor Furst is a Senior Living Implementation Specialist at Dude Solutions and helps communities of all types and sizes get up to speed with operations management software.


Get more tools for training your team on new skills and technology in our guide to Navigating the Changing Workforce.

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