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How These Three Organizations Do Their Best with Less

Hayli Mayo
  • Nov 03, 2020
  • 3 minutes

The past eight months have been challenging for everyone. Every day, life has shifted in one way or another and we have constantly been encouraged by the resilience of our clients. Today, we are sharing three clients who are streamlining their processes, working more efficiently and are doing their best with less.  

Olympia, Washington (Government) 

Challenges: The city previously struggled with archaic systems for community planning and development operations that weren’t user-friendly, causing data integrity and workflows to be compromised. Faced with a shelter-in-place order, operations were forced to shift.  

Efficiency efforts: Utilization of a community development solution to move operations online, engage with citizens through a digital portal and improve data integrity. This effort streamlined every process while proving more convenient and accessible for both citizens and team members.  


  • Out of 5,300-5,500 yearly permits, 87% of applications are now applied and processed through a convenient online portal  

  • The team has tremendously decreased data entry time while allowing for more reliable data and reports. 

  • With mobile device compatibility, team members can access and report information from anywhere 

“Having the digital environment and having that information all in one accessible place that you can use remotely on mobile devices and in the office is needed. And now that we’re all in our homes working [due to COVID-19], that digital environment was our goal before, and we’re really seeing the benefits of that now,” says Chuck Dower, the city’s Business Operations Specialist. 

Impact to their clients:

  • 90-95% of citizen applicants report being happy about the ease of use with the online portal 

  • Ability to serve their citizens more efficiently and effectively 

  • Online capabilities has enabled them to still serve their community without much setback during COVID-19 restrictions 

Read the full story here and visit our SmartGov™ page for more information.  


Wylie Independent School District (Education) 

Challenges: Tracking in-depth energy data, organizing utility usage and reporting was difficult and complex. 

Efficiency efforts: Implementation of an energy management solution to track and report utility usage and costs.  

Results: The move to Energy Manager™ has resulted in:  

  • More robust reporting and being able to make data-driven decisions for how to save energy and funds.  

  •  20% reduction in energy usage with LED lighting project over 5 years 

  • 10-30% reduction in energy and thousands saved during Cool Choices- The Wylie Way Game each year 

  • Texas Energy Managers Association (TEMA) 2019 State Energy Project of the Year for Cool Choices program 

  • 56% year-over-year utility cost savings during the COVID-19 shutdown efforts 

It was our answer for how we can upload bills, we can pull reports, we can automate reports and we can do the analysis we want to do pretty easily – without taking time from people who are already tasked with other things.

Impact to their organization: 

  • Elevation of their school's reputation as energy efficient  

  • Savings opportunities to build budgets based on historical uses and anticipated construction 

  • Accurate data for reports and analysis needed to prove use and cost reductions clearly 

  • Assist in the creation of a culture of conservation at Wylie 

Read the full story here and find more information on our Energy Manager here.   


Jake's Finer Foods (Manufacturing) 

Challenges: Jake’s Finer Foods was using old maintenance software that was difficult to use and customer support cost extra. Efficiency, key performance indicators, mobile accessibility and reports on trends were all areas of concern.  

Efficiency efforts: They decided to switch to Dude Solutions’ manufacturing work and asset management software largely for its capabilities, customer support team and ease of use. 

Results: Jake’s Finer Foods is now able to: 

  • Report at least $10,000 in cost avoidance with KPIs on forklift speed 

  • Complete work orders 4x faster with the ability to use a smartphone to complete work, enter preventive maintenance tasks, etc.  

  • Streamline communication from work requestors 

  • Report significant time and labor savings 

“I started doing my work orders and creating POs (purchase orders) for the doors and labor to repair them, and AE (Asset Essentials) was giving us an expected event. It was spot on predicting the next event, so I looked at the speed of the forklifts and decided to cut it in half. Doing that cut our incidences in half, and the forklift operators are more accurate now,” says James Mugavero, Facilities Maintenance Manager for Jake’s Finer Foods.  

Impact to their organization: 

  • Thousands of dollars in cost avoidance for preventable accidents 

  • Compliance and efficiency throughout their organization 

  • Ability to grow with the software  

Read the full story here and find out more about Manufacturing Suite here


Talk about inspiring — we are so proud to call you all Dudes!  

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