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Implementation Series: How to Roll Out Software Across Sites

Dude Solutions
  • Aug 20, 2019
  • 3 minute read

In this series, we introduce you to a client implementation story to show how our process works.

Written by: Rachel Koroknay, Senior Living Implementation Team Lead, and Taylor Furst, Senior Living Implementation Specialist 

The Goal

In early 2019, Kisco Senior Living gave us the opportunity to implement TheWorxHub™ Work & Asset software for 18 of their senior living communities. It was their goal to move all of their sites through the training process together and roll them out at the same time, so that they would all be live on the same system at the same time. Over the previous year, they had implemented TheWorxHub at three sites so that the corporate team at Kisco could better understand TheWorxHub, as well as the training process.


The Process

Eighteen sites is a lot to keep straight and two heads are better than one, so we decided that we would manage this project together. There was a natural division of sites to manage, as there are the same number of sites on the East Coast and the West Coast.

We offer regularly scheduled training sessions that anyone can sign up for, but we decided that the best course of action was to hold specific training sessions for Kisco. This allowed us to focus the training around the client’s corporate goals. For most of the training topics, we provided one or two dates and times for each. We completed the training sessions as a full Kisco-only group, but each of the communities had their respective implementation specialist’s contact information for other questions and one-on-one follow-ups. 



The real linchpin to this process was the cooperation between our implementation team and the corporate team at Kisco.


Our three corporate partners (Mike, Mike and Gary) were involved with us every step of the way – we would typically have at least one of them on the training calls, update calls, and when they could, on the one-on-one calls, as well. They also helped when it came to reiterating the corporate goals, as well as issuing timelines and goals to be met in training. 



From our first planning call with the team to the sites being fully operational with reactive work and PMs (or preventive maintenance tasks) generating, it was under four months. We were very intentional about the process every step along the way. 


From the Client

Hear straight from the client about their experience with the software implementation.


From Gary:

“Overall, this process was phenomenal. Like any project of this magnitude, there were a lot of ebbs and flows and give-and-take situations. The Dude Solutions team responded to each with enthusiasm and a problem-solving mentality. I’ve said this many times, but what sets The Dude and TheWorxHubTM apart from any other CMMS (and many organizations in general) is their help system. Not only the regularly scheduled meeting sessions, but Taylor and Rachel were always available for impromptu questions. The online help site is vast, chat sessions are great, and you can also set up one-on-one phone calls with Rachel and Taylor – the overall ‘help’ package is best-in-class.

Having a solid implementation team on The Dude end AND a solid corporate team at Kisco (Mike, Mike, Gary) is THE ONLY WAY an 18-site simultaneous rollout could have been accomplished. There were lots of planning, goal setting and progress meetings. Involving the sites in pre-rollout sessions and setting collective goals for all communities to work toward – all these things made it a success.” 

From Mike E:

“[Dude Solutions] has provided superior customer service to all of our team. We are really glad we moved ahead and made The Dude a strategic partner with Kisco. It has been truly a great experience for all of us.”


Interested in learning more about implementing our software? Check out our 3-step implementation process and contact us for more information.

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