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Implementation Series: What Creates a Successful Software Consultation

Dude Solutions
  • Jun 17, 2019
  • 4 minute read

Wisdom from one of our Professional Services Experts

In this series, we introduce you to one of our consultants and share some of their wisdom.  


Meet Todd  

Todd Cataruzolo is a Consultant for healthcare and senior living at Dude Solutions. Todd works on-site with hospitals, healthcare facilities and senior living organizations of all sizes, traveling to and from to help clients get up to speed with the software.  

Here are some stats about Todd’s work in 2018:  

  • About 5,000,000 square footage supported through Dude Solutions Professional Services 
  • Assisted with 128 total buildings (118 healthcare and 10 senior living) 
  • 18 hospital consultations, including acute, surgical and behavioral health facilities  
  • 3 senior living community consultations  


What steps are involved in an on-site consultation?  

We really build the framework for a client’s utilization of the software across a wide range of services, and this often includes a few parts:  


1. Create and build the framework for assets    

What this entails is really gathering, collecting, analyzing and assessing the assets that are key to running their facilities smoothly. This includes key compliance and regulatory-related assets for their facility. We build the framework at the facility level, which is square one. This is a real value to the facility in helping improve their record-keeping and ensuring it’s accurate. As we collect data, it goes into a centralized, cohesive place within the system (TheWorxHubTM).  


2. Train the client   

Training is a very important step in the process, as we want the client to feel very comfortable using the system day-to-day after the consultation is over. There’s a lot of value when clients learn how to talk to their data and share important aspects with others on their team and at their organization.  And of course, we always offer ongoing support after the on-site is complete, through our Legendary Support Team.  


3. Set up for success  

Each part of the consultation process is designed for the client’s success, and there are many different variables that factor into this. Setting them up for success may also include creating preventive maintenance (PM) schedules within their system or automating specific reports to get pulled weekly or monthly.   


How can the client contribute to implementation success?  

There are certainly some common threads of success with the on-site consultations I oversee. One of the things that contributes to making a smoother on-site consulting experience is client preparation. My job is to provide all the tools and information necessary for the client to prepare prior to the on-site. This includes familiarizing the client with the Scope of Work, reviewing facility layout with them, and the client strategically allocating time and resources (such as an assigned escort who is knowledgeable about the facility). Basically, we want our clients to come into the process knowing the importance of their participation, as it can make all the difference with a successful on-site. 

Client planning and preparation is key to providing an efficient and impactful asset collection.  


Client story  

One of our clients supports an expansive amount of locations across both the hospital campus and off-site locations. With guidance from our Implementation team, the client prepared for the on-site by creating a strategic location framework that the asset collection would align to. Also, the client escort for the on-site was a key contributor to developing the location framework. This preparation and synergy allowed for a comprehensive and impactful asset collection, resulting in an efficient on-site implementation.  


What’s the most exciting part of the process?  

It’s really rewarding working with different teams that are working hard across the country in all different types of facilities.


It may be older, newer, dense or compact, on campus, or spread out – and because of those differences, it makes each professional services project unique.  

But the goal is always still the same: to provide an excellent framework of data for the client.  

Also, clients are excited to see us! As a consultant, I may be the only in-person interaction that the client ever has with The Dude, so it’s exciting for me to make that connection and further build the client – Dude relationship. They’ve come to The Dude for a reason, for us to help them run their facility efficiently.   

When they can actually see things moving forward and work with us hand-in-hand, it’s empowering, especially as their workflows get organized and enhanced with tools like the use of mobile technology.   


Interested in learning more about implementing our software? Check out our 3-step implementation process and contact us for more information.

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