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Implementation Series: Why Digital Record Keeping & Capital Planning Matter

Dude Solutions
  • Feb 28, 2019
  • 3 minute read

Wisdom from one of our implementation experts


In this series, we introduce you to one of our implementation specialists and share some of their wisdom. Meet Taylor Furst.


Meet Taylor

Taylor Furst – I am an implementation Specialist working exclusively with Dude Solutions' healthcare and senior living solution: TheWorxHub. My focus within the healthcare industry is working with senior living communities (large and small).   


More on the Team 

We are one of the smaller teams here at The Dude, but we are scrappy! Our team consists of many different types of personalities, but we work very well together on behalf of our clients. We all care deeply about our clients and do everything we can to ensure long-term success. Our team has great pride in our product, as well as our industry. The people whom we work with (in both hospitals and senior living) are taking care of people who may not be able to take care of themselves any longer and that drives us to be our best.  


What You Should Know About Asset Management & Capital Planning

TheWorxHub is, at its base level, a record-keeping system for work, and as with all record-keeping systems, the more information that you put into it the more you are going to get out of it.  

Record keeping is great but what do you get out of it? Having your equipment live longer is a great reason to keep better records because the records will tell you exactly how much work has been done on your equipment whether it is planned work or reactive work. With that information, you will be able to know whether your planned work needs to be adjusted to extend the projected life of the equipment.   


Client Story

A client of mine was doing quarterly inspections of all of the PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioners and heaters) units around his community, but through reporting, he noticed that several of them started having an increased number of reactive work orders around inconsonant temperatures. He was able to change the PM schedules so the PTAC units were getting inspected monthly, and the more regular attention has kept them in service beyond their manufacturer’s original estimations.   

If you do not have an existing accurate list of your assets, we also have a service offering for sending someone to gather your equipment and enter it into your system. 

Learn more about our professional services for TheWorxHub

Using Capital Planning in TheWorxHub is a great way to not get blindsided by a multi-thousand dollar surprise. This tool will help you keep track of replacements, schedules and costs. Knowing your replacement schedule and estimated costs will help you during your annual (and beyond) budgeting process.   


Client Story

I had a client who was getting started using our capital planning software. In the process of her information gathering for her assets (Purchase Date, Purchase Cost, Manufacturer Estimated Lifespan), she realized that two air handling units were already past their expected service life and that they had not yet put them in the budget for future replacement. Even when something is still working well, as it gets towards the end of its service, it’s important to start planning for the future.

These systems (asset management and capital planning) combined will allow you to know exactly how much work has been done on your equipment, who is doing that work and its estimated costs and replacement schedule.   

Interested in learning more about asset management and capital planning or our implementation process? Reach out to speak with one of our experts. 

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