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The Importance of Mobility for Good Data Generation

Grace Flack
  • Aug 30, 2018
  • 2 minute read

Getting good data in to put good data out

There's a saying: Good data in, good data out.  

That means if you're actively tracking your maintenance and operations work in a system like a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), you’ve got to start with correct information that’s detailed enough so it doesn’t require much to understand.  

And to do that, you must ensure your CMMS users are comfortable and confident putting in the correct information. 


Here’s where a mobile work order system comes in to save the day

We all know the struggle of doing work, coming back to a central computer to input that work and the time and details that inevitably get lost in the mix. 

This makes a huge difference when you have a tool that you can use to input work details right where you’re doing the work. With a mobile work order system, you have a smartphone or tablet with you to mark the time and add notes or details about the work. Not only does this save time, it makes your technicians’ work day much easier. 

In our recent manufacturing survey, 80% of respondents said they use mobile devices with their CMMS or plan to in the future. 

See the 3 ways a mobile CMMS supports manufacturers 


And it has to be easy 

When you can empower your technicians and engineers (aka CMMS users) with an easy-to-use mobile system to put in the correct measurements, times, costs and notes for each work order, meter reading and asset report, then you'll benefit from clean data that more clearly tells the story of your workflow.  

Our CMMS for manufacturers, Asset Essentials, even has timers to help capture the time a work order takes without even thinking about it. This makes a manager’s job easier, too, when it only takes them seconds to see what everyone is working on. 

“If I want to find out about a piece of equipment or how many work orders an individual has completed — anything within the system — I can glean the reports rapidly at a glance.” –Barry Dean, Aprilaire

With that good data being added to the system work order to work order; day in, day out; year to year, you’ll be aggregating solid operational analytics without any extra work.


In the next post, we’ll explore specific ways you can use that data to make better decisions. Learn more in our new guide

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