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Johnson Controls Survey Reveals Energy Investment Priorities for 2019

Dude Solutions
  • Jan 18, 2019
  • 3 minute read

At the end of 2018, Johnson Controls — a global leading force in creating smart cities — released its findings from its annual Energy Efficiency Indicator survey. The loudest consensus determined from the survey results is that investment in energy efficiency measures is on the rise in the new year, but investment focuses have evolved.

Here’s a look at a few of the most telling findings that reveal what’s on the mind of the 2,000 facility and energy management executives across the world who were surveyed.


Energy Investment Is on the Rise 

Among US organizations, 57 percent reported planning to increase their investment in efficiency efforts in 2019 — globally, 59 percent. However, which measures are considered an investment priority have shifted from years prior. Whereas lighting and equipment upgrades have been the focus in the past, creating green, resilient, net zero energy buildings seems to be the priority today. Survey responders’ reasons included reducing greenhouse gas footprint, decreasing costs and reputation. 


Building Controls Improvements Are Key 

For US organizations, 68 percent cited building controls improvements as their primary investment. Compared to last year, building system integration saw a 23 percent rise, making it the largest metric increase of the report.  


The Times Are Changing 

When looking at the last ten years, it’s clear energy concerns are shifting, as well as what to do about them. The 2008 survey revealed that only eight percent of respondents had certified green buildings and only 34 percent planned to certify new construction projects to a green standard. Fast forward to today and now 19 percent report green building certification for at least one of their facilities, and 53 percent plan on it. Concerning global metrics, 14 percent have achieved voluntary green building certification and 44 percent are planning it.  

Net zero energy goals have also increased, with 61 percent of US respondents reporting to be extremely or very likely to have one or more facilities be net zero, nearly net zero or positive energy/carbon within the next decade. 


That’s Great, But First... 

The survey’s indications that energy and facility managers are making investing in energy a priority and moving toward footprint reduction and other positive goals is great to see. However, how managers plan to achieve these goals may be up for question. It’s not a secret that energy programs aren’t cheap, and achieving goals requires a lot more than desire. To justify starting or continuing investments, valid evidence is needed to make a case to those making budget decisions.  

Those holding the wallet are likely going to have questions like: 

Can you verify the need for dollars? 

Can you confirm promised savings? 

Can you review historical data and make measured year-over-year comparisons? 

Budget overseers want and need to know the important metrics behind investments, and without a reliable system robust enough to track and report on energy efforts, it’s not likely energy departments will be getting the funding necessary to achieve the goals mentioned above.  

Dude Solutions helps with that — and then some. We’re a valued business partner in helping organizations achieve their energy goals, with all the data they need to back actions up along the way. With Dude Solutions Energy Manager™, energy and facility leaders can gain historical data, analyze spending, create thorough reports for their administration and more.  


Take a look at Energy Manager by watching this short video to see if it’s what you’ve been looking for to help you achieve your energy goals in 2019, and check out the full Johnson Controls survey results here.

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