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Making Reporting Easy with The Dude: Top 5 Energy Reports

Grace Flack
  • Mar 20, 2019
  • 4 minute read

We're back with another top 5 reports in our Making Reporting Easy series, focusing on the reports our clients use to gain insight and save time and money.

You know you need to find somewhere to save in your budget, but where? You’re already understaffed and using every penny you get to keep your critical operations running. And spending time making reports doesn’t seem like a good way to solve anything either. 

What about your utilities? How do you manage energy use and could you save there? 

Most of you could. In fact, for many organizations, energy and utility spend is a top line item in your budget – but it may be more controllable than you think. 


I've used three different maintenance management programs, and it was by far the easiest one to use. It’s the most user friendly program that I’ve seen.


See how Kenton County School District avoided more than $1.4 million in energy costs. 

And energy management reporting helps you make those critical decisions even easier with data to back it all up. So, let’s dive into our top five energy reports. 


1. Cost & KBTU Per Square Foot 

How much energy are we using per square foot and what’s the cost? 

What It Shows: This type of report can help you get clear data on how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing you for every square foot. 
Why It Matters: This can be a great report to break down what you’re using and spending today energy-wise, so you can confidently present this information and set goals to improve. 


2. Energy Star Ranking 

What’s my ENERGY STAR® score? 

What It Shows: This report provides information on your average ENERGY STAR score, stats on your facilities and a graph ranking your scores across your facilities. 

Learn more about what an ENERGY STAR score means.

Why It Matters: Your ENERGY STAR score is a great way to set your organization apart when it comes to gauging and publicizing your energy efficiency. It can also be a great motivating number to increase your energy efficiency. This report may even inspire an energy-saving competition between facilities in your organization. 

ENERGY STAR Ranking Report in Energy Manager

See three of our clients who were recognized nationally by ENERGY STAR. 


3. Facility EUI Ranking 

How do each of my facilities compare with energy efficiency? 

What It Shows: This report breaks down your energy use intensity (or EUI) by facility. 
Why It Matters: Use this graph to see which of your locations are energy-efficiency superstars and which ones could improve their energy management tactics. 

Facility EUI Ranking in Energy Manager

See how Iredell County, NC saved more than $10,000 in just one building and dropped county utility expenses by 15% with better energy management. 


4. Avoided Use & Cost  

How much am I saving with better energy management? 

What It Shows: This report allows you to see what has been avoided, in energy use and cost, compared to your historical energy use and costs.  
Why It Matters: This graph is a great one to help validate your energy management efforts, communicate your wins and determine where funds can be moved to make a greater impact. 

Avoided Use & Cost Report in Energy Manager

“We save over $1 million a year, and that equates to about 20 teaching positions because we want to put the money back in the classroom.” -Terry Taylor, Gresham-Barlow School District 


5. Interval Data Recording 

How can I impact next month’s energy bill?

What It Shows: Interval data recording (or IDR) allows users to see near real-time data on their utility use. 
Why It Matters: Instead of waiting to get your utility bill to see how much energy you used over the month, this report allows you to see how much energy was used yesterday. This empowers you to make changes to eliminate energy waste, generate significant cost savings, reduce your carbon footprint and share progress or concerns with management. 

Interval Data Recording Report in Energy Manager by Dude Solutions

Watch our video to see how IDR works. 

“[With Dude Solutions], my role switched from reactive data entry to proactive energy planning. We have more time to focus on things that will have a lasting impact on the district and improve energy consumption.” -Jose Vega, St. Lucie School District 

These types of reports could provide the data you need to: 

  • Find easy ways to save energy 

  • Improve your ENERGY STAR score 

  • Conserve more energy and save money on your utilities 

  • Share energy-saving opportunities with your management 

See the top work and asset management reports and then check back in next week for popular reports in event management. Reach out to us to talk about what reports you should be using. 

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